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Nowhere near as drop-dead gorgeous as Candy, Fledermaus or Goregeously D... not even a fraction of the attitude of munin & raev... but my current favorites, anyway! I think they turned out kind of pretty even with the allergy eyes. These are some of the tamer ones from a recent shoot in the backyard of our rich pervy Grand Rapids nudist friends. Gonna put some of the raunchier ones on the Myspace do one of these days, if anyone's interested.

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I'm just an average dude at best but I thought I'd torture yall with pics of my ugly mug. lol.

I would like to point out, that I no longer have facial hair. I just did for a long time.





Yes, I get my hair cut at a salon.


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wow, your pretty. :)

My thoughts exactly, GRG.. :p

You SO sarnath'd me!!

Here's some of my fave pics of myself..

EDIT: Sorry guys..I was beginning to feel like f**king Cindy Margolis. 27 DOWNLOADS???? Good LORD!

Edited by jynxxxedangel

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