CC this fine eve--whos' going?

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Hey gang--
Haven't been to our Club in, ashamed to say, years.
Was going to head down tonight & check out the scene, but looks like there's a fundraiser for UFO Factory (very cool idea, incidentally).
Does that mean we pay extra & then same ol' dancefloor?  Is it a "special" night where all our usual fun is zapped by the invading charity?
Direction & advice much appreciated.  If it's anything like dancing days of old, I headed down, people.


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Hi Fin.  Good to hear from you.  

CC isn't "cc" anymore , not every week.  I don't think it's actually a goth night tonight, its only that way like once a month or so nowadays @Scary Guy should be able to add more insight.  


Ugh that color that the tags are.  *goes off to figure out why it looks like puke lime green*


Hope to see you around more. :)

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The next goth night (which would be what you'd want to go to if you're looking for a night similar to the way it used to be) is on August 19th. It's not every Saturday now. It's a little sporadic but there's finally a good amount of people going. Actually, the last 2 times I went I had a hard time finding a parking spot. You might want to get there early. In the front (where coat check used to be) they play older stuff. On the main dance floor they play a mix of newer stuff and a little older. Here's a link to the event page for the next one.

Goth Night 8/19

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