What Would You Attempt If You Knew You Would Not Fail?

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Pretty much whatever I wanted.

I'd ask out that girl I like...  again.

I'd start a nightclub and revitalize the goth scene.

I'd run for president and then abolish the position when I became president.

I'd hit dead center of the bullseye of the target at the range.

I'd be able to explain simple concepts to people, and they'd actually get it!

All of my inventions and software ideas would be a thing.  Movies ideas too.

I'd solve all the worlds problems and issues.


(you didn't specify we had to pick just one thing, but if we did then I'd settle for the first one).

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I'd open a pet store that has a no-kill shelter attached so people could adopt cats and dogs (and whatever else we had up for adoption) instead of buying from breeders in the same place they buy pet supplies.

I'd go surfing.

I'd learn to do coding.

I'd change my life.

I'd make stuff to sell on Etsy.

I'd get healthy.

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Reopen my corporation

Play more complicated pieces of sheet music

Advanced yoga


Ride rollercoasters again

Be the wealthiest person to ever live, only second to King Solomon

Help everyone

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