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    writing(working on fantasy novel), spending time with my son, and occasionally threatening ex family members the bodily harm
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  1. Happy Birthday :D

  2. Sending Birthday Wishes :)

  3. Greetings...Good Morning and Happy Birthday :)

  4. like some unknown creature is trying to pull my spine out
  5. the polish person in my rant is my older sister. her paranoia caused her to make me stay up all night and repeatedly check on her car.
  6. shoot the Polish person that locked their keys in their car
  7. i know that feeling
  8. i probably wont dress up. got to take the kids out. i say put on a monster costume tie a barbie bed to your noggin and be the monster under the bed. of course there is always medusa its relatively cheap get some Creepy cloth (basiclly cheesecloth dyed green or grey) wrap it around you to just above the nipples , tie small rubber snakes in your hair, add a little bit of yellow and white hair spray.
  9. i think the kids are being too quiet. (checking) go figure the only one awake is the 4 year old
  10. is it ok to b!tch about the lack of work. havent been able to find work for 7 years here.
  11. contemplating the major lack of jobs

  12. *randomly waves hello*

  13. i suffer from major fatigue problems.
  14. like a kitty cat pincushion. my sister's cat just clawed my face.