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  1. What are you about to go do?

    Ugh. Just found out a few of our plants are hermaphroditing... Getting ready to go quarantine them from the rest of the crop. no rest for the wicked..
  2. Just wondering, do you guys have extended plant counts like we have in Colorado? Out here, you can have up to 75 plants for most major medical conditions, and 99 for terminal illnesses.. Just curious, as I am a cultivator for my girlfriend who has a license for 75..
  3. The Gathering 81

    So I've been playing dead for the past year.. Just wondering, what happened to LCC? Is there still a goth scene there? If not, then where? I'm still out in CO.. But wondering where to go if I ever decide to go home
  4. Well I'm pretty sure all my friends and family think I'm dead .. but no, just went ghost. *poof* I still exist! Somewhere, in the shadows of the mountains.
  5. Have a Happy Birthday ^_^

  6. How Are You Feeling?

    Feeling like my bones are going to jump out of my body if I don't find something to do soon. Damn I can't believe I'm saying this but I actually miss landscaping. At least I start a cashier job next week to hold me over till I get my driver's license back and can actually go back to being an auto tech.. Also, this bottle of Evan Williams has me feeling a little better.. For now..
  7. What Are You Thinking?

    I don't know but give me some Jameson and a box of Goldfish and I'll let you know.. Mmm.. Jameson.. That would be a lot better than this Evan Williams I'm working on Lol
  8. Your Workout Progress In Pictures

    Ah yes well I just have before and after pics but I'll get them up after work tonight. Stay tuned! And looking good, everyone! Congrats! Yeah I feel the same way, I know what ya mean.. I've been chubby if not fat almost all my life. Never felt comfortable taking my shirt off in public, and I'm still not even though I look a million times better.. I'm actually conflicted on taking a picture of myself without a shirt on and posting it here.. I don't think I'll blind you all with that one hahaha. No, not because I'm ugly but my farmer's tan is pretty bad, I think my celestial, glowing white chest may reflect harmful UV rays. Lol.
  9. Yeah.. Fuck social media. DGN is as far as I go for social media. Good luck trying to find me on Facebook. I find life is so much better WITHOUT Facebook than with. Once upon a time I had a Myspace, but I deleted that well before it went down the shitter. I'm happier with my handful of friends than having a whole plethora of people "following" me online, "tracking" my life. I'd rather have 4 good friends than 200 shitty ones. Besides, sometimes it's best not to be found.
  10. How Are You Feeling?

    Feel like I could sleep for another 12 hours, damn I'm sore today
  11. what are you doing right now?

    You left your stove on. And I hear your mom calling you. :D