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A while back I was at a family gathering. I was working in a retail store that was kind of crappy. The store being crappy not so much the job. Items got miss marked or out of stock, stuff like that. I knew the place had issues but I was just working there part time trying to earn some extra money for the household so there wasn't much I could do about how crappy the store was. So anyway, I went to this family picnic. This person who had married into the family so I did not know her that well, walks up to me and says "hello, Oh you are working at that such and such store don't you." To which I answer "yes I do."  She then goes off on this rant at me about everything that is wrong with the store and why she won't shop there. She runs down the store manager saying that the store manager needs to get the workers in line cause they don't know how to do their jobs!. Then she just walks off.  I thought it was rude and I was a bit mad about it. I mean I never asked her for her  opinion of the store. She just walked up to me and started ranting about it knowing full well that I worked there. Then walked off before I could say anything. 

Well.....a few years ago she died and I attended the funeral.   You know how people only want to say nice things about people at funerals. The pastor holding the funeral got up to speak. One of the things he said was that Mrs. Smith(not using real name) would tell you what you needed to hear, not what you wanted to hear.  Everyone attending the funeral nodded in agreement. So.... I take it to mean that it was a nice way to say that she said to me at the family picnic, she must have  been that way with  everyone. Just walk up to people and start ranting about what is wrong with them like she did me. 

Do you think that was what was meant when it was said at the funeral that she would tell you what you needed to hear not what you wanted to hear?

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