Help me find some great horror movies!

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Over the last few months I've fallen in love with horror movies. Though some, such as the Jason movies, Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street I don't find as good as most do. I do enjoy a good supernatural horror and I agree that they are ground breaking for they're time, but not that scary really.

In recent months I've found the VHS movies to be fantastic! They're dark, griddy and give the feeling of helplessness. I truely enjoyed the 1982 "The Thing"! That was amazing! Again, dark, griddy and gives the feeling of helplessness. The Insidious movies as well! I was very impressed with they're use of practical effects!

Can anyone else list off some movies I may not have seen that you think would scare the piss out of me? Because that'd be awesome!

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I get the impression that you're more interested in the supernatural side of horror than the serial killer side, but if you're open to it, the Poughkeepsie Tapes have that gritty recorded view you seem to be into right now. Pretty disturbing stuff!

'August Underground Mordum' is similar, the whole found footage thing. Practically no plot, just pure gritty visceral fucked up-ness. But if that's what you're in the mood for, permanent trauma, it's a good watch haha.

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I don't really get scared by movies unless I'm drunk or not sure if I'm awake or not so judging how scary a movie is, its hard for me.

Part of the reason I am not as balls-deep into horror as i was back in the day is you can count the "four star horror movies" on two hands, (Blasphemer!! lol) which I didn't notice when i was a teenager / college age. I guess i slowly have become an art/movie snob and "horror" in a movie doesn't carry it very far for me the way it used to.

Many of the "great" horror movies many wouldn't even necessarily call horror as they don't have enough (or any) real gore or supernatural stuff in them. (Often called "thrillers" rather than "horror")

Don't get me wrong i still like my horror. I just don't kid myself that (more than maybe 1 in 1000) is an actually good movie, just more of a guilty pleasure. *buries face in ice cream* hah.

For whatever reason , quality troupes just don't work in horror much. Unlike sci fi which used to be a media backwater, but fortunately that has changed in the last few decades.

Avoiding "obvious" movies that i assume you can find instantly *ponders*

- Deep Red (75)

- Session 9

- Videodrome (83)

- The Orphanage

- The Wicker Man

- Audition

- Alien (79)

- Carnival of Souls (62 ?)

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I own the Orphanage but haven't watched it yet, I'll have to get around to it!

Thanks for all the suggestions guys, I'll have to look the rest up, well, except for Alien, you'd have to be dead if you haven't seen that. lol

Also, I like found footage movies, but it doesn't have to be that to be good. I'd agree with Troy saying that maybe 1 in 1000 horror movies are good. Some are alright but not scary, it just so happens that the found footage ones have scared me the most.

Watched The Conjuring with Titsmcgee the other night. Good movie, not "scary" but it had it's goose bump moments.

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