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Stay Active / Encourage Others (Ways You Can Help DGN)

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Some people have no interest in this sort of "volunteer" work , which is fine feel free to ignore this.

I'm going to make a series of little posts with these things, and link to them in my signature (if others would do that too it would be helpful) occasionally people ask me "how can I help" well... i have to assume more than just the people that ask me, MIGHT want to help...

Stay Active / Encourage Others

An inactive community isn't much of a community, hopefully we WANT to be active, but occasionally it helps to give things a jump start:

1. Post whatever comes to mind within the context of the DGN play nice mentality. It doesnt have to be rocket science, just reply to something regularly.

2. Try to think of a new idea for a topic / info that might be of interest to people, post it.

3. Encourage others to be active too, let them know you miss their presence on the board.

4. Encourage new people to post , especially once they've posted in or responded to a welcome post we want to make them feel at home / make their input seem welcome.

5. If you live close enough and are able to try to make it to some of the clubs / nights. We can't all do that but it does help greatly.

If you want to help the community , that is, what you are doing is not just yourself, but the whole place, it will often lead us to make different decisions about what we spend our time doing if it was only for our personal benefit.

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