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  1. Hungry. I'm so excited to eat dinner. I love when Kat cooks!
  2. Sitting at a warehouse getting loaded.
  3. Square hammer. Sings train on the water and boat on the tracks. Boat on the tracks!
  4. Garth Brooks. I mean Ghost, I mean... damn... lol Peanut butter or Jelly
  5. Gotta go with a 1911 because that's what my Uncle taught me to shoot with.
  6. Ocean. I find the crashing waves and salty air extremely therapeutic.
  7. I really like working at this Company. Things are pretty good so far.
  8. Are you looking for a physical certificate?
  9. Kind of difficult to pick up your freight if you don't give a driver an address. Customers..... SMH
  10. I still love those!!!
  11. Kids these days. We now live in a world of instant gratification. No wonder patience is no longer looked at as a virtue.
  12. If you can tell a driver has never been to your facility you probably should inform him what your procedures are instead of assuming he knows and getting upset when he doesn't follow them. Also, you're an asshole.
  13. I'm at a steel forging plant listening to the clanking and heavy thudding of machinery. Oddly I find it quite soothing. Been listening to heavy metal since I was 16 so I find it comforting.
  14. *Howls*
  15. Getting medieval on their asses huh?