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  1. You deserve it baby! I love you.
  2. I was told that my Detroit run cancelled and that they're going to give me something special. This could mean one of two things. Either I'm gonna be doing bitch work or I'm being cut early.
  3. Waiting on the driver to pull out of the door so Dearborn will load me.
  4. Trust fund, correct. I also trust the government to fuck us all over.
  5. Embarrassed. Work called me to tell me how they lied to the customer about the reason I'm running behind. Dan, you had to stop to change a head light. Why can't we tell them the truth, Dearborn held me up. It's not our fault Dearborn can't load me on time.
  6. Didn't want wake up this afternoon. The humidifier really helped my sinuses. I spilled my coffee because the truck they gave me has no cup holders. This isn't good because dreary days make me sleepy.
  7. :( feel better!
  8. Excited for the weekend.
  9. People normally drive like imbeciles because they're running late for work. But going home? That doesn't make a lick of sense. Smh
  10. Saw 4 wrecks in a couple of miles. It's always bad on I75 around Flatrock. I urge everyone to drive safe.
  11. Waiting on load number 2. Lots of freight this week!