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    somewhere close, but not nearly as far away as i'd like...
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    reading, writing, painting, picture taking, people watching, chopping body parts..woops! didn't mean to say that one... hmm... thinking of ways to make certain situations better for everyone that's close to me, and trying to save the world from stupid people (i've got a vauge plan, but who knows if it'll work). it's kinda hard to save the world from stupid people when certain members of your family fall under that catagory... so what's a girl to do? and making situations better for people close to me doesn't fall under the same catagory as saving them. you can't save everyone, and some people don't want to be saved. in that case, take a frying pan to their head, and hope for the best! otherwise, hand them a plastic bag (not like Kmart, Kroger, etc. brand either, garbage bags work) and tell them ''you know what to do."
  1. What Are You Thinking?

    i might just punch someone in the mouth... *glares*
  2. probably the drive from here down to Florida with my best friend. do you know the ultimate question?
  3. is going to be referred to as the DGN heffalump.
  4. How Are You Feeling?

    very tired. <- fighting sleep
  5. What made your day?

    knowing that it could rain today,and if not, then still taking comfort in knowing that it'll be a decent day.
  6. has the very rare "How To Hide Bodies in Your Food" guide given to her by the even more rare cannibals of Guam! shh, don't tell anyone
  7. Odd Thomas i think would be interesting enough. what was/is your favorite childhood memory?
  8. What made your day?

    putting a Fedora on my son's head. he looks good in hats apparently
  9. What Are You Thinking?

    think i should take the baby for a walk in a little bit
  10. What Are You Thinking?

    need to get off the computer and do some house work... in 10min
  11. What Are You Thinking?

    i'd like to get sleep if the baby would let me
  12. your greatest fear, even if you fear "nothing" there'd be mass amounts of "nothing", leaving you stranded forever, wondering if you were ever going to get out of it. how was your Rabbit Day?
  13. How Are You Feeling?

    like i still have ham in my teeth... have this constant urge to chew on stuff...