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  1. Sanders is actually doing better than I suspected he ever would be and I really hope he wins the nomination because Hilary sure as shit isn't going to do anyone any favors.
  2. How Are You Feeling?

    Mental Health is probably the worst it has ever been. Job isn't doing me any favors and I have not been successful in trying to find other work. People just aren't worth the flesh they have and life is just one gigantic pain in the ass.
  3. Hey all, just happened to see this online and it wasn't posted yet: Skinny Puppy & Youth Code 'Down the Sociopath' Tour Sun 11/15/15 at The Crofoot in Pontiac. Tix be $25 advance/$30 Day of show
  4. New goth hotspots

    Justifiably so. It is better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.
  5. Got out of the hospital

    Well if you have Steam and want to play Magic for free, the annual Duels of the Planeswalkers game is out called Magic Duels Origins and is free to play. It does have coins you can buy to get packs of cards, but the coins can also be earned without spending any money, by simply playing the game. There was a group of guys at my job that were playing, and still do, but I had to bow out because I remembered why I quit playing Magic in the first place. It's expensive. I played Magic Online for a while, which is cheaper than the paper version, but the casual scene is pretty much dead, so I am glad the Duels Origins game came along. I can finally play Magic for free without having to waste the gas on going to the game store. Anyway, not to derail the thread, I'm really struggling mentally too, I wish I could afford to see the therapist more than once a month, but it's all I can do with the money I make. My situation might change next year, depending on if certain businesses open up Downriver here, but that's all hearsay at this point. Hopefully things pick up for you Troy. Life seems to be giving a lot of DGNers a kick in the ass of late.
  6. Got out of the hospital

    My condolences man. I am glad you are feeling better now. I've hospitalized myself before and depending on where you go, it's a less pleasant experience than others. I wasn't a fan of the treatment I received at an Oakwood hospital years ago. But that's another story for another time.
  7. New goth hotspots

    I think there are a lot of people that seem to forget that certain areas of Detroit that are mostly hip and fashionable are still Detroit. Of course, I've always worried about my car getting jacked going anywhere there. I've never really had any problems with the immediate area around Small's, other than a bum looking for change or whatever, but I understand everyone's experiences in Detroit are different animals. I also was speaking of the differences in neighborhoods between CC and Northern Lights. I did feel safer in the area that NL is located in compared to CC. Kind of the reason I've never eaten at Slow's BBQ, even though I've always wanted to try it. I've heard the service is questionable, and it is in a pretty terrible section of the city. However, Harpo's, at I-94 and Chalmers Ave, has always been the worst. So many things have nearly happened to me, or happened to friends of mine going there over the years that I am glad most shows have been happening at places other than Harpo's. Necto is a nice club as others have said. I've seen Suicide Commando and Icon of Coil there, and those were some pretty unforgettable performances. Of course, Necto is also in Ann Arbor, which has always been a safe place.
  8. New goth hotspots

    I've been to Northern Lights for a couple of Goth Nights, it's a pretty nice place. Not sure if those are still going on there though. Small's in Hamtramck seems to be the place for the CC crowd. Most of the scene shows are happening there. I like Small's. Neighborhood is less sketchy and seems like a better crowd overall. They also have the 'Thirst Wave' events there.
  9. Chameleons coming to Detroit Oct 1st

    Finally as of a couple of days ago, Small's and Darque Productions made this official here: Chameleons Vox at Small's Tix are $14 in advance. If you've ever wanted to see the band like I have, this will probably be your last chance. It's being booked as the farewell tour, and Script of the Bridge is being played in its entirety.
  10. How Did You Pick Your DGN Name? 2.0

    I DJ'ed on a local college station for a few years under another name doing a Metal and Goth show, then I moved away and came back and returned to that same station for a year doing Goth/Industrial and I selected DJ Nihil. Show was called Ultra. Both taken from the KMFDM album Nihil, and I am a bit of a Nihilist myself.
  11. Steak n Shake Gift Card

    Yeah I like Steak N Shake. Cheaper alternative to Red Robin and other expensive burger places. Frequent coupons in the mail, etc. In Sept./Oct. They have this Oktoberfest burger that has beer mustard, onions, ham, and swiss cheese on a pretzel bun. I get it without the onions. It's awesome. Otherwise I like their Royale burger, which has cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Oktoberfest Burger: Royale: Dammit, now I'm hungry.
  12. Yeah, that guy like most of the Republican candidates is pretty much off his goddamned rocker. Snyder was talking about running, but thankfully won't be doing so. We're so far gone on either side of the political fence, it doesn't make a difference if your Democrat or Republican. All the parties care about are serving the 1% folks that paid to get them there. I'd much rather vote for someone like Bernie Sanders, who is one of like 3 currently serving Independent politicians in DC. He is running as a Democrat in 2016 but has good ideas for seriously fixing problems and actually at least seems to pretend to give a shit about the middle class.,_2016
  13. Being alone used to bother me but it doesn't anymore. The tired and repetitive rejection does and it hurts more everytime it happens rather than making things less painful. I have given up on the possibility of finding someone and would rather just be left the fuck alone at this point. I have very little responsibilities and no kids and that is going to make things easier in the long run. I'd rather have calm, and peace and quiet forever at this point. If I should happen to meet someone, then fine, but it is at the bottom of my list of priorities at this point.