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  1. Sending Birthday Wishes :)

  2. So! Finally began to LOVE MI. Have to go back to FL till September. Will be back for a permanent move by then. Been fun meeting and getting to know some of ya. Can't wait to meet the rest when I get back. KIT!

  3. I'm not sure if I'm fond of the new color scheme... give me a few days.... It's pretty, but I don't know if it digs for this site....
  4. DGN Coffee house...

    Wow.... you guys are something else.... Though I WOULD like to know what Phee pie tastes like.... Would it ruin the pumpkin or add to it?
  5. Taken the wrong way, that could really hurt.... roflmao!
  6. Song that describes your mood right now

    Forever ~ Bruderschaft
  7. Who Here Is Single

    bleh.... this sucks...
  8. Damnit, I went to text you and found that I don't have your # anymore!

  9. Song that describes your mood right now

    The Ghostwoman and the Hunter ~ Lacuna Coil Staring at the sun no rays down on me I call you in my arms embrace is unreal. Your moving on we'l never be apart just drain my tears I cry aloud. You're moving on You'll never be apart of all my tears I cry aloud. Calling on your sins You're here in my dreams a desert place I'm not alone. Do you really want to be me? Youre moving on We'll never be apart again just drain all my tears I cry aloud. You're moving on You'll never be apart of all my tears I cry aloud
  10. The Crucible series ~ Sara Douglas AND The Anita Blake series ~ Laurell K Hamilton
  11. Our Board Statistics Total Posts 714,740 Total Members 2,781 Newest Member DorianDawes Online At Once Record 150 On 20 December 2010 - 06:39 AM 24 active user(s) (in the past 20 minutes) 7 members, 16 guests, 1 anonymous users | Show by: Last Click or Member Name Annona Synclair, Onyx, DJ Nocker, Lillylu29, amalthea23, Google, prick(3), phee Hoo-rah....