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Greetings and may I officially Welcome you to DGN!

Please feel free to look around and join in the fun. And do let us know if you should need any assistance.

*drum roll*

The DGN (welcome) Questions 2.1 ™ ©
Formerly the "S.D.G.N.W.Q.P.S." The Standard Detroit Gothic . Net Welcome Questions Polls and Suggestions 1.7b

Feel free to ignore anything you feel uncomfortable sharing, dont have the energy for or have covered already. We are just friendly, if a bit nosey. And we ask these same questions fairly often as you may have noticed. laugh.gif

Current location?
Where from?
How Did You Find / hear about DGN?
How did you pick your DGN name?
Other Stuff?

Additional ideas / questions:

Add yourself to the DGN member map!

If you live close enough, are old enough (18+ for City Club) and/or are ever in town you may want to check out:

"DGN Night"

Or you can find out about other events near your area with the

The Events Calender

Some folk also enjoy our random pot of:

Quizzes & Polls !

How did you hear about DGN? Poll

And we can always use help finding new friendly people. Help us out and drag em on over!
If you have a website / personal journal link to us! wink.gif

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