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"My Son, My Son, What Have You Done?", which is based on the true story of a San Diego man who killed his mother with a sword.

- directed by Werner Herzog

- featuring Willem Dafoe & Chloe Sevigny (among others)

- executive producer: David Lynch

sounds interesting

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If everyone here cannot tell me who the second one in from the right is, then you lose the right to be gothic/rivethead in the state of Michigan and I will revoke your goth card. After this point you'll only be able to listen to BrokenCYDE and emo bullshit like MCR, HIM, and Evanescence.

SO excited about this one. He actually has spoken dialogue (i.e. the whole movie isn't singing), has no mask so we can see his totally :drool face, and according to people who have gone to the screenings over in Europe he REALLLLLLY knows how to work a chainsaw (but anyone that's followed his career this long probably already deducted this).

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Guest Megalicious   
Guest Megalicious

Oh yeah, Iron Man 2 ....

I thought I was going to hate the first one, but I rather enjoyed it. I will go in to this one with high hopes :)

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