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  1. How Are You Feeling?

    . Soooooo excited for Roman's Birthday Party tonight, hope to see U here ! ! !
  2. DGN Night @ City Club - Saturday, May 15th

    Can't wait for this weekend ! ! ! Time to get out and DANCE ! ! ! I will be here BOTH nights ! ! ! See U HERE ! ! ! is it Friday yet ? ? ?
  3. 26 active user(s) (in the past 20 minutes) 9 members, 16 guests, 1 anonymous users Leland City Club, MSN/Bing, kat, Google, Slogo, violentivy, Mrs.Heart, zaphier, Reaper, StormKnight(+), XillaToxic
  4. DGN Appreciation Nght Aftermath

    AWESOME post ! ! ! Again, THANKS to all the DGN & LCC Staff for making this Party possible. Nights like that night are why I do what I do. I am so thankful that so many DGN'ers and their +1's came out and had such a FANTASTIC night out ! ! ! Thank U DGN ! ! !
  5. DGN Appreciation Nght Aftermath

    Naughty SPOOK style PEEP SHOW, LOL ! ! ! My bad though, prolly should have said, "I do what I can for my DGN'ers". Kinda hot how you got the "Chicks" watching the "Bunnies" ! ! !
  6. DGN Appreciation Nght Aftermath

    . I do what I can for my peeps ! ! !
  7. DGN Appreciation Nght Aftermath

    . Thanks again to all who came out ! ! ! Speaking just for myself in this post and not as LCC: I personally am grateful to Raev, the entire DGN & LCC staff and all who came out. This was a very special night for me. The DJ's were outstanding, the bar staff was amazing as always. A super special thank you to GARFIELD and his shots! I have to also thank all of the security for thier diligence and co-ordinating well with the DGN "workers". A very SPECIAL thank you to the Ladies @ the DOOR, they were all super sweet and did their best to keep up with the onslaught of DGN'ers! I hope you all noticed the "word" for that night was DGN, I had to do it. I mean what better way to appreciate DGN than to advertise it on EVERYONES hand! I hope it helps bring even a few more good ppl to DGN. I am GREATFUL to TROY for coming out and his continued support and GOOD THOUGHTS. Our conversations are too few and far between, we should both do better. It was great to see soo many familiar faces, and a few new ones last Sat night. I hope that more of you are able to come out more often. I am super crazzy busy and haven't been able to be as active on this board as much as I would like, you may start seeing a few more posts more often, as time allows. Like everyone else, there were just too many people there to list them, and others have already done far better than I could even attempt, so I won't. I would like to fist bump, hand shake, or hugg everyone who was there. This night was for U, DGN. I am thankful for getting the chance to meet you, and I am excited to have more FUN times with you. Till next time, Roman .
  8. Thank you sir, for all the work that you put into getting the DGN night going! It couldn't have been done without you!

  9. Thank U for making the 2nd Annual DGN Appreciation Night happen! Good times, my friend, good times!

  10. DGN Appreciation Nght Aftermath

    . Leland CITY CLUB Would like to thank the entire DGN Staff, led by Raev & ALL the DGN'ers who came out and had FUN last night ! ! ! This Special night couldn't have happened without U ! ! ! We hope that this 2nd Annual DGN Appreciation Night was better than the 1st, and surely not the last ! ! ! THANK U DGN ! ! ! & THANK U DETROIT ! ! ! .
  11. Leland CITY CLUB

  12. What are you about to go do?

    . bout to put the finishing touches on some HOMEMADE beef stew, and let the crock pot do the work for some super tasty yumminess. THANKS MOM for being such a KICKASS cook, U rawk & i miss U
  13. . Happy Birthday Mina ! ! ! Can't wait to SEE u here ! ! !
  14. what are you doing right now?

    . Gettin ready to hang out with some peeps from my day job, then off to . . . .
  15. How Are You Feeling?

    . AWESOME ! ! ! U of M just scored the 1st running TD on IOWA in 33 quarters ! ! ! GOOOO BLUE ! ! !