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  1. Now Eating...

    White Castle
  2. what's your most disturbing memory?

    I'm not ready to share that either. But I will say that there really isn't a day that goes by when I don't think of it...
  3. A private FORUM would be nice, but a private board...hmmm...maybe just one part of the forum that regulars get a password too or something...
  4. Songs That Make You Think of Someone

    That song does something to me to bav...
  5. Reagrding the elite board, I have to agree with the Devil's Advocate. Do we really want to make snobs of ourselves? And would it really change anything?
  6. Whats Your Excuse For Not Going To Cc On Saturday ?

    If only I had a sitter...
  7. As the resident whiner, I have no problem sharing my problems. A lot of the time it's because I don't have anyone else to share it with. I do understand that there are always reprecussions for doing so and that I am being judged, getting bad advice, etc. But as someone who is fascinated with sociology and why people are the way that they are, I love to hear ALL of the responses and then try to figure out why that person took the approach that they did. It helps me to not only better understand myself, but other people as well.
  8. Now Eating...

    Fettuceni Alfredo and stove top stuffing
  9. Now Listening To ...

    My ex's fiancee's mouth...ugh
  10. depends on what kind of ice cream... so, what kind is it?