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I think tongue splitting is kind of cool but thats a pain thing I would be too much of a wuss to go through with. I have many tattoos and piercings. I am having my nipples repierced soon. I love ear piercings. I have mine pierced and stretched to half an inch and an industrial. I have a septum and labret. Used to have a monroe but I felt my face was getting cluttered piercing wise and removed it. I have my eyebrow as well. I do not care for surfacepiercings so much because they can easily reject or migrate. I do not believe I would have this problem since all my piercings so far have done great. I think some dermals are cool. Not so much into the implants under skin though because again it seems painful and rather not have lumpy bits under my skin I think it would feel annoying like a big zit from the pressure until you get used to it or it heals. I say to each their own on what and the amount of mods. I think it looks great on some and not so on others. The overstretching of the labret, nose and cheeks are a bit far for me. Even stretching the ears to a huge size is for me not that great. After you can fit a can of coke in your ear I think its going a bit far and making the ear dangerously thin and weak and I seen enough pictures of when that goes bad and its not pretty. The funny thing is back in school when I first seen plugs and tunnels showing up in peoples ears I thought eww no way would I do that. I thought it looked cool but I kept thinking what would happen when I am old or something withb huge holes in my ears. Of course the more I got into body art and modification the more it appealed to me so I started. I have kept the current size for the past couple years. My septum has only been stretched from a 16 to 14 guage and I think the biggest I would ever go is a 10 because I have a small nose. Also stretching my septum proves to be a little more painful than the ears :p I can tolerate pain afterall I took tattoos to the fingers and can tell ya the hands suck almost more than anywhere. As for below the belt again I think its cool but overdoing it or well mutilating your genitals not so cool. I seen some mods to guys junk that make me think WTF WHY???? My bf is getting a PA and thats fine by me. I think the functional piercings anyways seem interesting. The piercings I do not understand are webbings of fingers, toes, and the web between the upper lip and gums in the mouth. It only looks like something that will damage the teeth and gums. I know a properly placed tongue piercing with the right jewelry wont damage the teeth if you dont play with it or get smashed in the mouth but some piercings for me only equal too risky for something to go wrong and I guess being kind of a klutz I try staying on the safer side becaause I dont fancy teared and ripped flesh or smashed teeth.

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