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  1. I don't think it costs anything like that much at the store, but I don't remember the specific price.
  2. Current location? Bloomfield/Pontiac Where from? Farmington Hills Gender? f Work? HP Kids? childfree Hobbies? Paper stars, co-op board games, tabletop rpgs, watching tv shows, "Path of Exile" computer game, swimming, artsy-craftsy stuff, and lots and lots of sleep Why did you decide to join DGN? Via: For access to How did you pick your DGN name? Remember those gas station pills, with caffeine and ephedra and iron and ginseng and anything else that might help if you're tired? I LOVED those. Bought them by the case. Superstingers>Minithins imho. Other Stuff? At some drug stores, including Rite Aid, behind the pharmacy counter is a non-prescription pill called Bronkaid (not to be confused with any Sudafed variation they also keep back there). Bronkaid + NoDoz = MiniThins. In case anyone else misses the good old days too. Other Stuff? I'm that girl drawing on my arm in the corner because I'm just a little shy. Other Stuff? I've sorta been wanting to join your club for years.