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  7. What Are You Thinking?

    My son is playing guitar at a church tomorrow and it's his first actual time playing outside of lessons. I really need to get there somehow.
  8. How Are You Feeling?

    Seriously try Hope Clinic. I know from experience the one in Ypsi has caring doctors. And I was told the Wayne clinic is similar. I was sent for several tests at St. Joseph's Hospital. When I had the ct scan, the nurse helped me relax and talked to me to be sure I was ok. Very nice group of people. The Dr's work at local hospitals and volunteer their time. And if you don't need to see a Dr, they have Nurse Practitioners who can help a lot also.
  9. How Are You Feeling?

    Thx. I actually got a script for 10 from the ER because I actually went in thinking I had flu but the doctor asked about my thyroid and said once I told him I had hoshimotos and no meds that he knew it was that, they came in and told me my TSH # and he goes I didn't even need to see it, I knew. They had me follow up within 24 hrs and I seen this douchey doc that grabbed my thyroid area hard and squeezed and it hurt so bad I winced and started tearing up. His reaction? Instead of trying to find out why it hurt and where he jumped back, threw his hands up and said I didn't hurt you, it shouldn't of hurt which made me really cry because he didn't care. He didnt say ok where is the pain instead he was worried about a potential issue with his own skills. I mean if he was any good he would have worried about why it hurt. I do have nodules but he never even asked he walked out and basically told me I must be uncomfortable seeing him. I hate doctors nowadays. I remember when they cared. Honestly, they need to biopsy the nodules I think or at least send me back to radiation for a new scan to see if they have changed.
  10. How Are You Feeling?

    Dare I say thinking of you in leather and lace is stuck in my head.
  11. How Are You Feeling?

    Sounds like something you would excel at. There is a free clinic in Wayne and Ypsilanti called The Hope Clinic. I used to go to the Ypsi one before I got state insurance. They can get you tests you made need and even help you get signed up for free meds. Just letting you know in case you want to explore getting meds for your thyroid or anything else. If you want more info just ask.
  12. How Are You Feeling?

    Now that song Leather and Lace is stuck in me ed!
  13. How Are You Feeling?

    Seriously, I got this dude who is significantly overweight and diabetic on this weight loss keto plan with me. He has lost 35 lbs in less than a month and that's without I barely lost a lb. He had blood sugar readings hit almost 300 when I started him on this now, his fasting blood sugar is 95...that's non diabetes range! He has maintained under a blood sugar level within normal, non diabetic range. He is extremely satisfied and said he cant wait to see his doctor. I am proud of the results but I wish I could also see a little weight loss. I would love to get to a healthy body fat percentage and maybe help other people too. I found out my thyroid TSH levels are 42 and that is likely the culprit as a normal functioning TSH needs to be around a 2 for me, no more than a 3 so I am quite sure that is what's stalling my efforts but I won't give up this time, have to keep pushing and I am proud that I could help someone who has something serious like diabetes start healing. I pat myself on the back. Maybe this can become a thing for me. I'm optimistic.
  14. How Are You Feeling?

    Nah, I was thinking leather world.
  15. How Are You Feeling?

    Are we going to do them at Sea World?
  16. How Are You Feeling?

    Good, I aim to please. Still need to do some photos when the weather breaks.
  17. How Are You Feeling?

    And you probably smiled a little, maybe even blushed a bit
  18. How Are You Feeling?

    That sounded molesterish. Lololol. Just playing:)
  19. How Are You Feeling?

    My friends baby daddy? How you know him?
  20. How Are You Feeling?

    Maybe a firm hand in the right spot and kat becomes a kitten???
  21. How Are You Feeling?

    I don't like this movie someone change the channel.
  22. How Are You Feeling?

    Actually I'm kind of a bitch. Lol Like, I would fire me but thanks clever innuendos are always favored!
  23. How Are You Feeling?

    Nice au pair
  24. How Are You Feeling?

    I feel like an au pair except that I'm American, they can send me back to Normandy or Belgium find my roots or something.
  25. Last week
  26. What Are You Thinking?

    Given the way the weather is turning out, looks like this might be one of my first project weekends.
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