Google Celebrates 81 Years of Looking for Nessie

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Google joins the search for Loch Ness Monster, may have found it (or not)

Technically Incorrect: Google may have all sorts of problems in Europe, but it's trying to make a contribution too.

Original Story :right:

by Chris Matyszczyk tweet @ChrisMatyszczyk April 20, 2015 7:55 PM PDT

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


Is he out there? Or is it a she?Google/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

What better way to advertise that you're a search giant than to search for a giant?

I feel sure some bright light at Google HQ uttered that line and was immediately promoted.

Google is experiencingchoppy waters in Europe. So why not curry a little local favor by helping to find a legendary sea monster that everyone believes exists? Well, everyone after 10 pints of Scottish ale.

As it revealed in a blog post on Monday, Google committed one of its street view cameras, mounted it on a boat and went out to find the Loch Ness Monster. The company also brought along some divers, equipped with underwater cameras. Nessie's a shy thing, after all.

Over the years, several people have claimed to have found the monster. Somehow, though, the pictures have always been blurry or distant or simply concocted on someone's computer in Inverlochtiemochtie, Scotland.

One particular image spotted by the cameras, however, is already exciting Google and everyone who sails under her flag or tails Nessie.

This appears to show something in the water. "Bird, log or monster?" asks Google, with no trace of a cryptic smile.

I will leave it to the monstrous experts in these pages to decide.

This whole affair coincides with the publication of a photo 81 years ago, one that startled anyone who saw it. It surely looked like a long-necked animal peering out of the loch. Perhaps Nessie wondered whether it had finally stopped raining. Actually, it was a frightful hoax.

Surely, though, Google's efforts will be rewarded. Surely this monster of the deep will emerge just to take one bow.

If you were a monster, would you spend all your time keeping away from people? Come on, monsters are supposed to eat people, aren't they?


Look there's something out there. Can you see it?

Google Street View screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET


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Chris Matyszczyk

Chris Matyszczyk is an award-winning creative director who advises major corporations on content creation and marketing. He brings an irreverent, sarcastic, and sometimes ironic voice to the tech world. See full bio

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Its interesting just the concept (there is no loch ness monster , they've dragged the inter loch, if its there it has stealth technology unknown to man heh) but "urban legends" are sometimes more fun to belive / talk about than not to.

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Funny, darknight1's comment sparked a Star Trek debate of ships here.

I felt that Nessie would more likely resemble the original Klingon D-7 Battle Cruiser with stealth technology...

Given that the original Romulan Warbird looked more like Gamera, the later designs eventually begin birdlike forms...

However, at the point a Romulan starship would begin to resemble the Loch Ness Monster, it would make Nessie nearly a mile long swimming in a 22 mile long lake. Truly a monster. :hrhr:
I must admit, I wouldn't mind this little Nessie... :wub:

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