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I finally found a scrobbler that works with my android a few months back and I am just alllll about that site right now.

Add me if you want! Love talkin music and could always use more concert buddies :)

Also using this thread as a general 'most listened to artist of the week', post yours!

Jim Breuer's stand up comedy for me. His story 'Enter the Wizard' is just too goddamn genius hilarious with the distorted guitar and synth work.

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My main use of has been to lookup bands i dont know much about and see what their popular tracks are just to get a quick idea about them.

I love comedy but i've not used online music things to find it , never really occured to me. *pokes around*

I've been aware of it for years but never used the scrobbling feature (except on accident) Does last FM scrobble do something that the built in "follow me" things for Spotify / Google Music / Whatever don't do?

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I couldn't tell ya, haven't used those sites before. But basically 'scrobbling' auto-updates your profile, and listening queue with whatever mysic you're listening to at the time, with whatever listening service you're using. I use Rhapsody on my android and it updates as I listen at work.

With your library and queue, lastfm becomes knowledgeable enough to give you fantastic recommendations daily. You can also decorate your profile with dynamic badges of your taste! For instance, mine has a genre badge showing my primary music preference on biggest letters, and all others progressively smaller, auto-updated every Friday based on my listening habits.

It's a really cool site for music socializing, personally its my new facebook. And you should be able to 'scrobble' from those other sites you mentioned without a problem.

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