Amon Amarth in Royal Oak on Halloween!

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So for fathers day the wife was kind enough to get me Amon Amarth tickets, my favorite band! I've never seen them and they're rarely in the US let along Michigan. Anyway else fans? Anyone else going to go see them?

If so, whats your favorite album/ song?

For me, I'd say "Odin on our side" would be my favorite album, but "Twilight of the Thunder God" is easily my favorite song, maybe "Hermid's Ride to Hel", thats pretty epic too.

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I'm definitely a fan, enough of a fan that I will likely try go go to this. Favorite album is definitely same as yours. I mean shit.... Cry of the Blackbirds, dude! Fuckin Cry of the Blackbirds!

Their other albums have some cool tracks too but really that's the only one I keep in my music collection.

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Hope at least some of you got to go last night - it was one helluva show. I had to leave during the 2nd-to-last song (Thilight of the Thunder God), but it was a spectacular performance. Very surprised to see "Runes To My Memory" and "Death In Fire" back-to-back so early in the set; they were the 2nd and 3rd songs of the night. Highlight of the night had to be "Father Of the Wolf"...which I really did not expect to be saying. The band and the crowd just seemed to find another gear at that point.

Oh, and I have to give major respect to Sabaton. I was not a fan going in, but I sure am one now.

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