NIGHTCORE...Listen at Your Own Risk (you've been warned)

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OK...I'm a big Nightcore fan, but for most, it would probably sound like the Chipmunks screeching out their favorite tunes at high octave speeds to trance style music..."However nightcore fans prefer to not be associated with trance and don't like the idea of naming a "nightcore" as anything else."

Therefore, since I would most likely be posting this genre of music to DGN, I felt it necessary to also post a disclaimer:


"Nightcore is characterized by a sped-up melody (sometimes), fast rhythmic beat (usually), and ALWAYS higher than normal pitch. Almost all nightcore music are original songs nightcored (remixed into nightcore) by nightcore fans."

Now on with the music...and if you like it...ENJOY!!!

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I feel about this the way you feel about Com Truise. :p But I have also had a headache all day so all sound hurts.


But I posted a warning.... :hrhr:

Hope the headache is better by now...

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