More Prove That Giant Easter Bunnies Are The Scariest Things Ever!

5 posts in this topic a man who works in the haunted amusement business...I've seen some scary stuff..but omfg that definitely takes the cake as the creepiest thing I've ever seen...and to this point I didn't think it could be topped by the posessed Downy Bear that they used to have on MAD TV...but it's can't even look at that!

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I am freaked out by giant Easter bunnies! This is why. Is there any wonder why these kids are screaming!


It was like some Demonic Horde on Crack came up with the most bizarre costumed tributes to a major mainstream fictional icon possible with the idea that parents will pay real money to scar their children for life for the sake of tradition and "it's the thought that counts"...thus paving the way to many years of therapy...hope it was worth it :blink:

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Whatever happened to the cute little bunnies they had kids pet in their cages on Easter? Those creeepy things they have now, I'd roundhouse one of those freaky things if I were one of these kids. Actually, I saw a little boy kick one in the crotch on World's Dumbest. I just laughed and laughed and laughed...

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