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So I heard you like TRON..

*drum roll*

The DGN (welcome) Questions 2.1 ™ ©

Formerly the "S.D.G.N.W.Q.P.S." The Standard Detroit Gothic . Net Welcome Questions Polls and Suggestions 1.7b

Feel free to ignore anything you feel uncomfortable sharing, dont have the energy for or have covered already. We are just friendly, if a bit nosey. And we ask these same questions fairly often as you may have noticed. :laugh:

Current location?

Where from?








How Did You Find / hear about DGN?

How did you pick your DGN name?

Other Stuff?

Additional ideas / questions:

Add yourself to the DGN member map!

If you live close enough, are old enough (18+ for City Club) and/or are ever in town you may want to check out:

"DGN Night"

Or you can find out about other events near your area with the

The Events Calender

Some folk also enjoy our random pot of:

Quizzes & Polls !

How did you hear about DGN? Poll

And we can always use help finding new friendly people. Help us out and drag em on over!

If you have a website / personal journal link to us! :wink

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Hello, and thank you for the welcome.

Still feeling my way around here.

I'll try not to stay too invisible...LOL



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Hello, Hello! :)

Hello and thank you for the greeting Sir StormKnight.

Still finding my way around, but I hope to get better with this in time.



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So I heard you like TRON..

*drum roll*

Greetings Sir Coffeenated and thank you for the cool musical introduction.

I believe I shall take a stab at the questions you have put forth:

Current location? Sitting in my home library.

Where from? Detroit, Michigan

Gender? Female

Work? Home Care Provider

School? Not currently

Kids? Too selfish for kids at this time. Helping to care for my brother's 2 little ones.

Married? Probably not in the foreseeable future...

Single? Always...My tomboyish nature tends to frighten off potentials

Hobbies? Karaoke, doll making, computer building, construction

Other Stuff? My Gothic genre is Victorian, SteamPunk, Gunge. I like just about all kinds of music (except hardcore rap). I am a residential builder by trade. I dabble in herbology. I am an Independent Herbalife Distributor. I have had more job experiences than you can shake a stick at and have post to enough dating sites to tell you eHarmony is for mainstream ideals, Yahoo Personals are looking for a quickie, and goth dating sites are everything but goth dating...

Well, that's a bit about myself, if you have questions, Please feel free to ask.



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WOW! I find that posting on DGN is like keeping a digital diary of activities I normally wouldn't talk about.

The coolest thing is this site makes it more fun to spill your guts while you get the chance to peak into the lives of others.

Gives a sense of feeling that someone out there actually cares without feeling pressured into participating.


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