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These are about half of my sunglasses that I own. One pair is from the 50's or 60's. Two are cat eye sunglasses in the old style. I just happen to love sunglasses if you could not tell.

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I don't really not sure how to say it "pay attention" to sunglasses. I have 20 year old Oakleys like 20 years ago when i used to ski. when driving the visor seems to be good enough for me (even though I'm prone to headaches).

I'm in teledo or I'd upload a picture.

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I paid $60 for the top pair with black lenses and without the graphics before they were stolen.  Now I have them and they look like this, but still without the graphics that I bought off a friend for $40.  I don't wear them out as much as I'd like anymore, my flipdown shades are awesome and don't hinder my peripheral vision.

Also posting this image because it's the first time I've seen the bottom pair and those look great too, even if they aren't my color.


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