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Welcome People (Ways You Can Help DGN)

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Some people have no interest in this sort of "volunteer" work , which is fine feel free to ignore this. I'm going to make a series of little posts with these things, and link to them in my signature (if others would do that too it would be helpful) occasionally people ask me "how can I help" well... i have to assume more than just the people that ask me, MIGHT want to help...

Welcome New or Newly Back People

That is welcome new people or re-welcome older members AND ENCOURAGE THEM TO POST. Some ideas:

- Just say welcome to the board in their profile, this is not the best way to welcome someone but it is MUCH better than doing nothing (doesn't encourage them to post, unless you say so).

- Welcome them in a PM and suggest that they say hello in the hello forum.

- Check the "hello" section of the board for new people / welcome posts and just say welcome only takes a second.

- If your reasonably sure you have a real person rather than just a "dummy account" make a Welcome Post for them in the Hello section. <--- best way.

If you want to help the community , that is, what you are doing is not just yourself, but the whole place, it will often lead us to make different decisions about what we spend our time doing if it was only for our personal benefit.

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Only took five dang hours to figure out how to get it to do it automatically but if you click on "members" at the top of the board, it will automatically sort them by newest member so you can see who the newest people are, in order by most recent. Sheesh that took forever. Least it works now. =)

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