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HOLY AMAZING NIGHT BATMAN!!! Well over 600 people of you made it out tonight and you all got a free CD. Even Scary Guy was there. You should have stopped by the dj booth and said hi. I had a blast tonight and as always Darks Choir did not disappoint. Betamax not only kicked ass opening but his artwork was fantastic on the CD. the track listing is below. Next Monday we will be playing late night Drunken Kick ball part 2. Last time we had over 40 people show up and we were only thwarted by a popped ball. This time no spikes on cloths if you want to play and we'll have 3 back up balls. You are not allowed to use a Mad Max body armor defense(but I have to say brilliant). Free food and Mirth after the club next week. In the music forum I have posted links to the new Cd that will be up for 2 weeks.



2010 Factory track list

1 Grendel - Chemicals and Circuitry

2 Modulate - Hard and Dirty

3 Shaolyn Face Down

4 XRX - Stage 2/ This is Rock and Roll

5 Wumpscut - Boneshaker Baybee

6 Miss Construction - Fuck Me Too

7 Shiv-R - Blood Splatter

8 Unter Null - I Can't be the one

9 CombiChrist - Sent to Destroy

10 Aesthetic Perfection - The Great Depression

11 Ayria - Bad List (Freak Angel remix)

12 Rotersand - War on Error (Declaration)

13 Faderhead - TZDV

13 Interface - Bodyflow

14 Mind in a Box - 8 Bits

15 Komor Kommando feat. Jean Luc De Meyer [ Front 242 ] - John The Revelator

16 VNV Nation - Sentinel

17 System Syn - Losing my Religion

18 Manufactura - Hollywood Babylon


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