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Still a little jet lagged. Engrish = "jet rug" :rofl:

Reminds me of the Drawn Together episode where they're trying to get Ling Ling to pronounce "Prell". :rofl: So bad and yet so funny.

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Like I'm excited by the storm coming!! w00t!! it's a long time brewing!

:peanutbutterjellytime: :peanutbutterjellytime: :peanutbutterjellytime: :peanutbutterjellytime: :peanutbutterjellytime: :peanutbutterjellytime: :peanutbutterjellytime: :peanutbutterjellytime: :peanutbutterjellytime: :peanutbutterjellytime: :peanutbutterjellytime: :peanutbutterjellytime: :peanutbutterjellytime: :peanutbutterjellytime: :peanutbutterjellytime: :peanutbutterjellytime: :peanutbutterjellytime: :peanutbutterjellytime: :peanutbutterjellytime: :peanutbutterjellytime: :peanutbutterjellytime: :peanutbutterjellytime: :peanutbutterjellytime: :peanutbutterjellytime: :peanutbutterjellytime:

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If it storms I'm either going to have a 70lb. yellow lab in the bathtub or in my lap.

(I guess that's more about how my dog is doing emotionally...doh!)

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wow, i feel weird posting here..... don't like it... not enough pages... :sad:

~still worried about the $$ situation.

~missing my snuggle bunny like crazy...

~hoping that the new girl in my ex's (NOT Jason... i could care less about that scum) life is the real deal, and isn't stringing him along. I have found my happiness, its time he's found his.

~Very much hating pigs right now... woke up at 7 30!!! this morning to piss on the floor, and garbage everywhere....

Can someone say "BACON"?!?!

~argue argue ague... i swear to god, why can't you just let it be!? why does EVERY god-damn thing that comes out of my mouth have to be a fucking arguement?!?! Just cuz you are older doesn't mean you know more. Let me talk and let it be!!!

~I am coming down with something, and it pisses me off... if its not one thing, its another! first it was my toe, now its a cold. I swear to god!

~I really really want to see my Snuggle-Bunny-Embroidery-Design-693.jpg. I hate this. There's too much time and distance between us. Its $40 for him to come get and drive back, and for him to take me home and drive back-- he just doesn't have that kind of money, because of something that came up... sometimes I really hate parents. lol (not particularly his parents, just parents in general who are asses about things. :p ) The time apart is worth it, when we do see each other. I know things are going to be hard. I just didn't realize, now that i CAN'T see him as often as I want, i REALLY want to see him!!!! Classic example of "if you can't have it, you want it even more". I miss him so much!!! lol Keep and mind that he's also my friend, too. We hang out, and not just act like boyfriend and girlfriend. :p

~REALLY wanting to go back to bed... Me thinks its time to do that. Night all!!!

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I have that "sink or swim" feeling.

Which means, I feel as if I must scramble again to save my own life-- which is very typical of my existence.

Which boils down to: Finding other lucrative things to do with my time, while the other stuff I count on isn't working out.

It's time to swim for dear life, again; but I have faith in my emotional strength, and my adaptability. I cannot fail.

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