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good, thanks for asking!

Yay, a positive post in a thread of this sort is a rarity. :)


Because my insides *still* hurt.

i know im a whiny, broken record. But goddamn it, it *hurts*!

My brains hurt and I haven't even started work yet. :(

stomach hurts

Hurt is bad. :(

I am pooped

*energy pills* !

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Bewildered. The best friend is being stakled by someone I thought was normal and good to us...then he goes out with someone else and tells me about a lab coat...crotchless panties...and rubber gloves...and that the rubber gloves were the most important part...I am scared... :fakenopic:

I got 5 emails number one lady sent me in 1/2 hour with horrible things...I worry about boiled rabbits...or dog heads...

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Lonely, tired, and itchy. Just came home from camping so the combined letdown of a good time ending and the absolute hell 3 days outside does to the body and I'm pretty miserable.

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I have spent two days scraping, painting, spackling, sanding, installing, cleaning and ripping countless nails out of walls. And its not even my house. And we have less than 30 days to finish our long list of things that need to be done before Mom and Dad can move back in.

I hurt ... And after the kids get out of school tomorrow I get to do it all again.

I ripped up the carpet in that house when I lived there about 3 years ago and spent hours scraping the glue off the hardwood. I washed it and waxed it every night when I lived there. It didn't look the best in the world, but it was nice. That floor is so scuffed up and gashed now it isn't even recognizable that at one time it was a beautiful finished harwood floor. I can't believe all the work I put into it and no one took care of it. It makes me very sad.

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