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DGN Mission Statement, FAQ and Rules 3.1

The DGN Code Of Conduct

Rule No. 1.

Play Nice. Unlike a lot of boards, we like to try and keep ours jerk-free.

You should feel comfortable expressing opinions, even unpopular ones. We're not going for a homogenized, dull community here. However, when voicing an opinion, always do so as tactfully as possible to avoid provoking others.

Examples of what we don't want to see:

A. Blatant Personal Attacks

No name-calling, threats, or other attacks aimed directly toward another poster or non-poster. No direct insults.

For example: if a poster calls another poster an "asshole" (or some such) and its not obvious that they were teasing or joking, that's a fairly clear infraction of the DGN rules. Posters guilty of this will be spoken to and dealt with in one way or another.

B. Inciting Anger or Drama.

It's fine to discuss things openly and frankly. Healthy debate is great, but don't intentionally cause drama and incite anger in others. This can be a gray area, so, if in doubt, find a tactful way to say it, or don't say it. There are plenty of internet communities where drama and flames are perfectly acceptable, and that is fine. This is not one of them. House DGN is intended to have minimal drama or other immaturity of the sort.

If you LIKE drama, that's fine, just keep yours off DGN and take it elsewhere if you must. Obviously we cant get rid of everything that we don't like, and we have to let some things slide. But, generally do your best to keep things constructive, over time even not so obvious drama started on your part adds up.

Actively working to incite drama or work against the DGN staff online and offline both are especially bad, and are in a special class of possible banishment.

C. "Outing" of People"

Some people have very controversial ideas that they prefer to keep private. If you're privy to such information regarding others' views, do not make those views public without permission of said person. Likewise, please do not post any sensitive, personal, or confidential information about another individual without his or her prior consent.

D. Personal Arguments

Heated personal relationship arguments and other private fighting between individual posters should be taken off the board into email, IM, or elsewhere.

E. Blatantly Disruptive Posts

Many threads wander away from the original topic during the course of conversation , but deliberately thread-jacking, and ruining topics that were intended to seriously discuss a specific topic, on a regular basis is a sure sign of a jerk. If you have something to say that has nothing to do with the topic, start a new one.

F. Blatantly Disruptive Activity

This is any activity that slows the service of DGN. Any sort of anti-DGN "hacking" activity, denial-of-service attacks are as close to instant-forever-ban types of behavior as it gets.

G. Pornography or links to pornography

No pornography, nor links to pornography, is allowed on DGN. There might be some room for gray area in some cases on this issue, especially within the context of the Sex & Sexuality forum rules, so ask a moderator if in doubt.

DGN is not a rated X website (anywhere) and we want to be (reasonably) work friendly everywhere outside of the Sex & Sexuality forum. Although DGN is not "kid friendly" per se.

H. Inflammatory remarks/comments about "The Rules" or Moderators actions on the board. Comments intended to "bait" the DGN staff.

DGN is not a soap box for you to vent your personal grievances about DGNs members, DGN's hardworking staff, or DGN's longstanding code of conduct. Don't post it on the board.

Rule No. 2.

No blatant spamming on behalf of other message boards/groups, unless given special permission, outside of the General Promotion section.

We don't mind a little advertising in the course of a thoughtful post, or in the General Promotion section, but blatant advertising for other boards/groups (this includes "chat rooms") should be avoided. A little goes a long way. After a while it's obvious if you are on DGN to be helpful, or just here to spam.

Blatant advertising for local "GOTHIC" or similar COMMUNITIES will be deleted and the poster warned. If this continues the poster may be banned. Immediate banishment might result if the user has no history on DGN.

By posting on this board you agree to abide by these rules. Failure to abide by these rules may result in warnings, being placed on moderator preview, and possibly banning. These rules are subject change at any time.

Redress of Grievances

The proper way to address an issue you may have with posts, the DGN Moderators, or with the DGN Rules:

If you have a problem with a particular post:

PM a moderator and/or use use the "report" button. Don't start drama on the board in response to it.

If you have a problem with DGN moderators:

Bring it up to a moderator, or the mod staff, privately. If you don't like the response, you get from a moderator, bring it up to an Administrator. If you still don't like the response we apologize, but, while we try, we cant please everyone. Once again, DGN is not a soapbox for you to complain about DGN. Basically, you have two options if the above does not work:

1. Drop it and move on.

2. Drop it and perhaps revisit it in a few months.

Otherwise, you must simply accept it and agree to disagree with the mod. staff on that point.

I'm banned how do I come back?

Since we take a long time to ban all but the most belligerent posters, coming back from a ban usually requires changes that are very difficult.

Creating a new account to get around a ban will only result in the new account being banned. It is the person we are banning, not the name.

If you would like your ban reviewed, please contact the mod of your choice via email or otherwise, and make it clear you realize you were banned for behavior that is unacceptable on DGN and can be trusted to not behave in the same way again. This may take some doing on your part. Some previously banned members have been allowed back, after talking to us.

The DGN Mission Statement

1. To eventually be the most active local online Goth / Industrial community, in terms of membership, post activity, and information on local events and the scene.

This community embraces both ideas and people themselves who may or may not be directly considered “Gothic”. It is an open-minded, internet-based community. While the majority of our members and events are located in southeast Michigan, we are certainly not limited to that location. We welcome open-minded people from all over the world, Goth and non-Goth alike.

"Gothic" being defined in the very broadest of ways.

2. To keep DGN a safe haven from many of the rude and immature communities on the 'Net and be a friendly place , welcoming goths and non goths alike.

DGN is a special and friendly place on the net and we want to keep it this way. DGN is not meant "just for goths" or "just for people into Gothic/Industrial music, although it is biased toward that.

While often it can be difficult to keep things respectful and easygoing in real life, it is especially difficult on the internet.

We are all human, and sometimes say things we don’t mean or should keep private. DGN should be a place that people feel comfortable posting. DGN strives to be as welcoming and friendly as possible, without discouraging passionate communication.

If you’d like to help us please do!


What exactly is a DGN Event, and how can I make my event an "Official DGN Event?

1. An "Official DGN Event" is a pre-planned event for DGN members that is supported and promoted by the DGN staff.

2. At least one moderator, or Troy, should promise to be present for an official DGN event.

3. Before posting the final details of an event, such as time, date, and location, please get them approved by a moderator, or Troy, via PM, phone call, or e-mail. Make sure your final post containing the event details is clear and complete. Initial "feeler-out" posts to help establish time, date, and location are okay.

4. "Official DGN Events" should be planned AT LEAST two weeks ahead of time. A month or more is preferred. This is to allow adequate time to plan and promote. We try to avoid having more than one DGN event, aside from DGN Saturdays at City Club, per month. We do not want more than two such events per month.

Please contact a moderator with any idea you have for an event that you would like to have made an "Official DGN event."

Currently, the only "Official DGN Night" is every Saturday night at Leland City Club.

Why do we have these DGN event rules?

We simply don't want the "DGN" title used in a way that is unsanctioned. If an event is poorly planned and supported, or is it does not go off as planned, it reflects badly on DGN and the DGN staff.

Mostly, we want to ensure that:

1. The event will not take place at the same time as a previously scheduled DGN event.

2. The event will not feature something that DGN does not want to support (for example: and event sponsored by a hate group) or be associated with.

If you don't want to do all that, then no problem. DGN encourages members to use the board to post and promote their own events. We simply ask that you not call it a "DGN Event" if you do not have moderator approval. :)

What can both moderators and general members do to help DGN?

1. Actively promote DGN.

This is our #1. priority, and will go a long way toward helping the board grow. This is not always easy, and, like anything worthwhile, can sometimes feel like a “job”. Promotion is greatly appreciated, above all other aspects, in helping DGN. Promotion both directly and indirectly helps with virtually every single aspect of DGN. It is the key instrument that brings us new resources for content, ideas, and activity on DGN. This is, by far, the area that we can use the most assistance in. A helpful, consistent promoter is worth his/her proverbial weight in gold.

2. Actively post new content.

Content is king when it comes to retaining members of the community. Promotion brings them to DGN, but content keeps them coming back. By content, we mean posting of new info, comments, ideas, concerns, and everything in between. Also, assistance with keeping the latest event info posted and up to date is immensely helpful.

3. Welcome new people.

This can feel like a bit of a “job” sometimes, as well, but it makes a big difference in our attempts to keep the board friendly and make new people feel welcome. Time and time again, we get comments about how friendly DGN is to new people, as compared to some other boards/groups. Welcoming people is one very good way to further that reputation. Even on a day when we may have 3-4 new posters, which is a rarity, it only takes perhaps two minutes to just say "Welcome!".

What is a DGN Moderator?

A DGN moderator is someone who has been selected to help in a more “official” way with DGN; someone who has editing powers, usually in one or two forums. The have consistently, over time, taken an active role in helping DGN grow.

DGN moderators are people who are willing to help encourage friendly communication on the board and help facilitate discussion in the forums they moderate. Basic things like deleting duplicate posts and moving inappropriately placed posts out of their own forums and into more appropriate forum areas are some duties of a moderator.

What is a Jr. Moderator ?

Jr. Mods are very similar to DGN Moderators are when first become a moderator. Jr. Moderators are "probationary" mods. After you have been a Jr. Mod for a while and it's clear you understand the role of a moderator and are able to remain active and helpful you will be kept on or let go.

You will be a Probationary Moderator for approximately 1-2 months. In that time we will monitor your behavior to see if you are active and doing what this document outlines actively. At the end of a month or so we will decide to keep you as a mod or not. We may extend this period by an additional month if we are unsure one way or the other. After 2 months if you still have not demonstrated moderating ability , activity , and mindset you will be removed as a moderator.

What is an Administrator?

An Administrator (also know as a Sr. moderator) is a moderator who has proven himself/herself to be very helpful and reliable over an extended period of time, and is capable of all Moderator duties listed below. In addition, they have "global moderator powers," the power to edit posts in ALL forums, and have admin access to most all of the core "back end" administration functions of DGN. Sr. Moderators are generally seen as a consistent moderating influence, and tend to be involved with DGN more actively both because of the expectations that come with their position, and because of personal motivation to maintain DGN.

Administrators have access to the Sr. Staff forum, which allows them to bring issues being discussed directly to Troy's attention, if an issue hasn't been addressed already in staff chat and needs Troy's input. (as Sr. Staff chat is Troy's highest reading priority.)

Administrators are also generally expected to help in welcoming new people, and contribute to the general prosperity of the board regularly. They are usually very active posters on the board.

All active members and staff are considered to be "partial owners" of DGN , but Administrators in particular are known to have a vested interest in DGN and have consistently shown motivation, consideration, and active participation in helping with DGN issues.

Administrators have virtually equal administrative powers to the board root admin (Troy) with a few exceptions. Thus they must be considered very trustworthy and responsible.

What is an Emissary?

An Emissary is a more public in "real life" focused moderator. They have moderator powers in some (if newer) or all forums but their focus is on DGN Night and other DGN events to make sure we have a DGN "staff presence" and help foster the community.

When time is limited, the priority for them is to "make time" for real-life DGN activities even if their on-board presence needs to be far less. Which, is the reverse of moderators in terms of time-priority. Even though all mods are expected to try and attend DGN events.

How do I become a DGN Moderator specifically and what is required of existing DGN Moderators?

Read through all of the DGN staff requirements slowly and carefully, preferably twice. If you feel that you would make a good moderator, please send a PM to one of the DGN Moderators stating that you have read all of the above, fully understand it, and would like to be a moderator.

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DGN Welcome questions...

Please tell us about yourself

*drum roll*

The DGN (welcome) Questions 2.1 ™ ©

Formerly the "S.D.G.N.W.Q.P.S." The Standard Detroit Gothic . Net Welcome Questions Polls and Suggestions 1.7b

Feel free to ignore anything you feel uncomfortable sharing, dont have the energy for or have covered already. We are just friendly, if a bit nosey. And we ask these same questions fairly often as you may have noticed. :laugh:

Current location?

Where from?








How Did You Find / hear about DGN?

How did you pick your DGN name?

Other Stuff?

Additional ideas / questions:

Add yourself to the DGN member map!

If you live close enough, are old enough (18+ for City Club) and/or are ever in town you may want to check out:

"DGN Night"

Or you can find out about other events near your area with the

The Events Calender

Some folk also enjoy our random pot of:

Quizzes & Polls !

How did you hear about DGN? Poll

And we can always use help finding new friendly people. Help us out and drag em on over!

If you have a website / personal journal link to us! :wink

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Cut & Paste Code for the welcome questions:

*drum roll*

[quote][color="red"][size=5][b]The DGN (welcome) Questions 2.1[/b][/size] ™ ©[/color]
[size=1]Formerly the "S.D.G.N.W.Q.P.S." The [color="red"]S[/color]tandard [color="red"]D[/color]etroit [color="red"]G[/color]othic . [color="red"]N[/color]et [color="red"]W[/color]elcome [color="red"]Q[/color]uestions [color="red"]P[/color]olls and [color="red"]S[/color]uggestions 1.7b

[/size]Feel free to ignore anything you feel uncomfortable sharing, dont have the energy for or have covered already. We are just friendly, if a bit nosey. And we ask these same questions fairly often as you may have noticed. :laugh:

[color="red"]Current location?
Where from?
[url=""]How Did You Find / hear about DGN?[/url]
[url=""]How did you pick your DGN name?[/url]
Other Stuff?

[/color][b]Additional ideas / questions:

[/b][color="#ffff00"]Add yourself to the DGN member[/color] [URLS=" target="_blank]map![/URLS]

[color="#ffff00"]If you live close enough, are old enough (18+ for City Club) and/or are ever in town you may want to check out:[/color]

[URLS=" target="_blank] "DGN Night"[/URLS]

[color="#ffff00"]Or you can find out about other events near your area with the[/color]

[URLS="]The Events Calender[/URLS]

[color="#ffff00"]Some folk also enjoy our random pot of:[/color]

[URLS=" target="_blank]Quizzes & Polls ![/URLS]

[color="#ffff00"]How did you hear about[/color] [URLS=" target="_blank] DGN? Poll[/URLS]

And we can always use help finding new friendly people. Help us out and drag em on over! [/color]
If you have a website / personal journal [url=""]link to us![/url] :wink [/quote][/code]

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Extensive re-write of the CoC / FAQ in the topic post. Damn that took a long time.

New sections covering banning and fairly extensive re-wording of many , previously confusing sections.

If you see any typos or anything that is still confusing please let me (or someone) know.

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