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I am beautiful because...

_____________makes me beautiful.

I am beautiful because I can exert self control and make this the only post I do today

(OK that doesn't make me beautiful--I just needed to write it so it will become reality)

I am beautiful because...



(this is tough, let's try again..)

I'm beautiful, because I care about all of you (ok well, most of you :biggrin:)

and even though I probably haven't met you, I take genuine joy in your accomplishments and pain in your losses, as though you were a part of my family. (Don't feel too flattered--you haven't met my family :happy: )

I'm beautiful, because I can make BW and others laugh and forget their pain for awhile.

I'm beautiful because as much as I get discouraged by the relentless stupidity of--

those around me and those in power,

I will always have faith-until my last dying breath-that one can make a difference in this world and if we wanted to, we could make this change happen tomorrow.

My penchant for listening when everyone else turns a deaf ear makes me beautiful.

Working harder and spending more time to help people with less,

instead of on the ones that would give me an easier, quicker, and better paycheck

---- makes me beautiful

(That or extremely stupid.)

I'm beautiful, because my ability to f^%$ up my life is only equal to my willingness to try and make things better than before.

Finally, I'm beautiful because being in Bean Water's arms makes me beautiful.

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I'm beautiful because I am a faceless warrior, everything is a constant struggle and an uphill battle in my life.

I'm beautiful because when I fail I gracefully pick myself up, dust myself off, and try it again, usually without being a whiner about it.

Diligence...pass it on, right? :laugh: (Yeah...I quoted one of those billboards you see all the fit I guess although cheesy :laugh: )

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I was beautiful once. It was great.

You had to know this was coming, right? :evil:

I was so waiting for it, I was worried for a minute there b/c I figured were slackin' for a second :laugh:

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I am beautiful because I can see through lies and cannot live in ignorant bliss...

I am beautiful because I am an oddity...

I am beautiful...because i'm me.

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I'm not, and I prefer it that way.

<-- answering for Shade properly

Shade is beautiful because on the few times I have interacted with him, I have thoroughly enjoyed his company.

Shade's knowledge of and respect for Japanese culture makes him beautiful.

Shade's awesome and complete total immersion in the dark, woeful, self-flagellating aspect of gothism makes him beautiful.

So there.

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im pretty ugly to be blunt... be my brain or my face hahahahahaha

i have no need to lie to myself ^^

<-- answering for Nilhil Glory

NG is beautiful for the awesome, mega-punk 'hawk he sports in his avatar.

NG is opinionated, blunt, and amusingly self-effacing, and that makes him beautiful.


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Damnit I should have said I was ugly so FC would say pretty things about me too :p

I am beautiful becuase I can see past what is expected...

I am beautiful because I always see something different in everyone and everything...

Edited by EAF

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I hope I'm not the only one who gets that fucking Christina Aguilera song in my head each and every time this thread comes up.

I was going to say the same thing...but then I'd be admitting to listening Christina Aguilera. For our safety we will all claim that "we saw it on MTV on accident" lol ('tis true...I hate that song!)

Now that I'm here...


I am beautiful because....

awww nevermind, I can't think of nothin'....

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