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What SHOULD you be doing right now?

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Well, I'm supposed to be listing auctions between 2:00 and 3:00. I'm now running an hour late.

So I'm outta here, so I have time left in my day to finish replaying Parasite Eve II (majorly fubared my first attempt 2 years ago and couldn't beat the final boss due to mistakes made earlier in the game. This time, she's toast.)

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I agree. But the problem with being an internet message board junkie... well, o.k. - a DGN junkie - and also making your living on the 'net is having the discipline to get the work done before "playing".

I've actually had to take "hiatus" from DGN to get myself back on track in the past.

With that, off to eBay to keep myself from getting that out of control again. C-ya later.

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i should be in my room reading the last few pages of a book i borrowed from a friend, but i just dont feel like it.

I should be putting my clothes away from doing the laundry 3 days ago, but i dont feel like it.

I should be in my bed with johnny depp having a huge ass sex session, but he doesnt feel like it.


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uh oh Brenda, you bettr hurry up and move out all the naughty toys you have laying around.

I should getting me something to eat cuz im hungry, but i also just woke up so good luck in me doing ANYTHING at the moment

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