So who do you have the hots for??

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Always dug that show but since getting Dish Network I've been deprived of the CBC. Miss a lot of programs on there.

That's too bad you can't get it with satellite (without paying for it I'm sure). I'm without cable, but the CBC is one of the few channels I can get to come in with my antenna. Go figure. O Canada :happy:

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oh here is just a few>.> :drool :drool

Do not know who she is but Damn!!!


This one too>.>


oh my these two as well!


Drool!!! :drool


and to many names to name, like Megan Fox>.> Yes she is dumb.. But DAMN! :drool :drool :drool :drool :drool :drool

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nudity out of adult area.

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The Pixie I remember was named Jessica. She was kinda part of the big group of us that used to be CCers back then. I remember Izzy had it bad for her for awhile.

The bunch of us gradually drifted apart over the years. Saw her several years back when I was bartending at The Labyrinth. Ran into her again over a month at CC on a Friday.

I know she was part of a group but I don't know her real name.

Just that I was pretty infatuated with her. Looking back on it that wasn't healthy at all. LOL

I remember one night....well I semi remember. I was wasted out of my head and for some reason I was fighting with a light pole at the corner of the Ramada bldg.

So I am punching the hell out of this thing and I must look like a mess and not to mention a fucking psycho to boot.

So I'm punching the light pole and head butting it and other stupid drunken 19 yr old bullshit.

She walks up and asks me if I'm ok.

Well. I stopped fighting with the light pole, smiled at her and said. "Yeah I'm cool".

And she just went into the club.

I went home.....least I think I did.

That was when Marvin made pitchers of long islands. And I wasn't supposed to drink but....I did.

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