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  1. How Did Your Day Go?

    How was your day? Anything good happen? Anything bad? Did you accomplish something you had been meaning to do? Did your plans fall apart? Think of this like a kind of group journal, but with more love and support than a piece of paper.
  2. Moe

    I hope she feels better soon and gets whatever help she needs. Please give her hugs for me, if possible.
  3. The Gathering 86

    I'll be there and would like a card please.
  4. The Gathering 78

    I'll be there and would like a card please.
  5. The Gathering 77

    I'll be there and would like a card please.
  6. The Gathering 76

    Ah! I forgot to post here! I'll be there and would like a card please. Also, does anyone has a phone backup battery charger I could borrow for a few days? There's a big Ingress event on Saturday and I could use all the juice I can store.
  7. The Gathering 75 - Jennifer's Birthday

    I'll be there and would like a card please.
  8. The next goth night (which would be what you'd want to go to if you're looking for a night similar to the way it used to be) is on August 19th. It's not every Saturday now. It's a little sporadic but there's finally a good amount of people going. Actually, the last 2 times I went I had a hard time finding a parking spot. You might want to get there early. In the front (where coat check used to be) they play older stuff. On the main dance floor they play a mix of newer stuff and a little older. Here's a link to the event page for the next one. Goth Night 8/19
  9. The Gathering 74

    I will be there and would like a card please.
  10. what are you doing right now?

    Eating non-dairy strawberry ice cream with chocolate sauce and nuts in bed because I feel like someone has drained the life out of me.
  11. I'm going to get a piece of that big chocolate cake they have there and it's going to be wonderful. :-D
  12. I'll be there and would like a card please.
  13. How Did Your Day Go?

    I got some stuff done, which always makes me happy and I got to spend time with my besties. However, I feel like I'm in a sinking boat and trying to get the water out before I sink. I hate that feeling. It would be nice if things could calm down but I know I have to work at it to get it that way. "The way out is through." I'm really starting to want to get that as a tattoo, but no money for tattoos. More studying and then bedtime.
  14. How Did Your Day Go?

  15. The Gathering 72 - Help Invite

    I'll be there and would like a card please.
  16. What SHOULD you be doing right now?

    Cleaning, studying, home repairs, ANYTHING, but instead I'm laying on my daughter's bed, wishing today could be done.
  17. How Did Your Day Go?

    Study, study, study. All I did all day was study and hang out with the kids. I finished all the questions on the app I'm using to study and I'm at 73% I'll keep going through until I'm at or close to 100%. I took the quiz at the end and I only got 63%. More studying tomorrow.
  18. The Gathering 71 - Help Invite

    I'll be there and would like a card please.
  19. I'd open a pet store that has a no-kill shelter attached so people could adopt cats and dogs (and whatever else we had up for adoption) instead of buying from breeders in the same place they buy pet supplies. I'd go surfing. I'd learn to do coding. I'd change my life. I'd make stuff to sell on Etsy. I'd get healthy.
  20. what are you doing right now?

    Laying in bed, with cold feet (literally), listening to the fans in my computer spin and the bonk noise that typing on my phone makes and Mike moving around in his bed (his room is directly above mine), and I have this song stuck in my head...
  21. The Gathering 70

    There's a leak in the ceiling above where we normally sit, so we'll have to sit in the opposite corner tonight.
  22. The Gathering 70

    I will be there and would like a card please and thank you.
  23. How Did Your Day Go?

    Today was a good day. Yesterday sucked. Today was much, much better. My car wouldn't stay running yesterday. Today it started and stayed running. I took it up to AutoZone to get the codes checked, nothing new. Bought a bottle of fuel injector cleaner because I'm hoping it's just very gunked up. Then we (the kids and I) went for a short drive on the freeway to get the cleaner stuff moving through the system. Then shopping at Aldi. I actually had money to get all of the groceries I needed. It was nice to be able to get that many groceries. When we got home the ice cream truck was going by and I happened to have cash so I got us ice cream. Why don't ice cream trucks take cards already? All they would need is one of those card reader things you attach to a phone. After that my new bed, sheets, and computer case/power supply showed up. I'm so happy to finally have a bed to sleep on. I made a yummy dinner that the kids actually ate! Got a new pillow, studied, showered, and bedtime.