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  1. I should have been asleep 2 hours ago. Tomorrow I will be fueled purely on caffeine and determination. I have to be up at 3am to be to work at 5am, work until 11am, then take my kids to go see my grandma, then the Gathering. At least it's raining. That helps me sleep. That and the combo of mini-press (blood pressure med that my doc prescribed for sleep) and benadryl. I got a whole lot of nothing done today but I did call about the car I want to buy. The sales guy was all sweetheart this and sugar that. I don't like it when salesmen do that. Hopefully sleep soon! Night everybody!
  2. I will be there and would like a card please. And I actually get to stay later since I don't work that night! I'll be tired though and will require lots of coffee because I'm working 5am to 11am that day.
  3. My daughter's cold spread to the rest of us at my house. I'm the last one still having symptoms. I'm all stuffed up, nose running, coughing, and feel like reheated death. But it's actually an improvement on yesterday. I was supposed to go to the social security office, the bank, and the store today but none of that got done. I did at least pay my bills and finish filling out the application for my son to go to kindergarten next school year. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself once they're both in school 5 days a week. I have to be up by 9am so I can get done all the crap I didn't do today. Social security office, bank, store, plus hopefully go workout and look at a car that I might be able to buy. It's only $995 so I'm worried it has something major wrong but I'm hopeful. I'm trying not to get excited because I don't want to be bummed out if it's not worth buying. *crosses fingers*
  4. Woke up to a fight with Mike. Managed to convince my sick daughter to eat and take some medicine then her and I both fell back asleep. Woke up with just enough time to eat, get ready, and go do a little grocery shopping before heading out to babysit for my bestie. I had fun with her kids, ate chicken marsala, and played with rats.
  5. Woo one year! Happy birthday to us! I'll be there and would like a card please.
  6. Well, since this is the end of my day, I'll post now lol. On Thursday the rest of the overnight crew and I found out that my store is getting rid of overnights. So the topic of conversation all night was about who's staying and going to days, some are angry at upper management, some are angry at the store manager, some chose to not care about their work because they're about to lose their jobs. It was truck night so my back is killing me. Anyone know of a way I could get a job doing coding? I have no experience but I want to learn and I'm capable of understanding it. I can has sleeps now?
  7. <---- That's my dunce hat lol
  8. I couldn't sleep last night so I got some of today's tasks done last night and then slept in the morning. I needed to switch back over to nocturnal mode anyways because I work Thursday night. I made breakfast for dinner because I wanted to make cinnamon bun pancakes. They're kind of a pain but worth it. And the kids actually ate their whole dinner. Pancakes, eggs, and bacon.
  9. Friends and snacks are always good. I'm glad you're feeling better!
  10. I managed to get a lot of cleaning done today. Clutter makes me anxious so it was nice to get a lot cleared out. I even got the kids to help! I plan to get more done tomorrow.
  11. How was your day? Anything good happen? Anything bad? Did you accomplish something you had been meaning to do? Did your plans fall apart? Think of this like a kind of group journal, but with more love and support than a piece of paper.
  12. We bring them more business than they typically have on a Thursday night, so I don't think they mind. So long as we keep the kids in our area and not let them turn into little lunatics lol.
  13. Realizing that physical pain doesn't have to control my mood. My head has been hurting all day, I've been getting back spasms for a few days, and cramps, but it never put me in a bad mood like it used to. I'm actually in a good mood. It's nice that pain doesn't control me anymore.
  14. Once the kids are on vacation we should have another night where we all bring our kids. I know mine had fun.