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  1. What Are You Thinking?

    It's likely external, a fear of negative judgement from people you know. Or, it could be internal expectations/attachment to a certain outcome. Remember, there are no mistakes, only results that we then deem either "good" or "bad"...
  2. apparently at this point, nothing does?
  3. what are you doing right now?

    listening to this...
  4. account is banned. posts are removed with a batch process, so it should happen soon.
  5. i'll try to get to it tonight. afaik, all mod changes, including the list, are manual, and they're only changed thru troy's account. troy is responsible for a lot of the "stats' type things online, but his health isn't great, so he doesn't have much opportunity. i know i don't post much, but i never really have, so at least i'm consistent! :-) at one point, i had limited the sign-up to be manually confirmed by mod staff rather than automated, but apparently troy wasn't fond of the idea, because it got changed back (this was years ago). unless that happens again, we're always going to get these kinds of accounts signing up, nothing to be done about it. when they spam, of course we'll delete them - give me a couple hours to get back to this.
  6. How Are You Feeling?

  7. What Are You Thinking?

    two words. "tax act"
  8. Darkly Decending Wings

    nice work troy! can i suggest one thing? "descending", with an "s".
  9. What do you miss?

    Less of a 'what', more of a 'who'...
  10. heh, i think maybe you guys & gals are missing the topic... this is about your *totally UN-reasonable* requirements. most of what i'm seeing seems pretty reasonable!
  11. could be the fact that our license has been expired for a bit now...