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    I enjoy art. I also like to play the tinwhistle, listen to classical music or jazz in my free time, as well as learn new languages and read books about philosophy or psychology. I do watch anime; However only prefer Studio Ghilbi films, Black Butler and Death Note. I am a fluent speaker of Thai, and enjoy to write angst and psychological horror.
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  1. Things you like that are no longer popular

    Many things. Old games, whether it be for the screen or a board game, my fashion sense is outdated by two-hundred years, as well as my preferred use of language - I like over the waist pants, newsboy hats as well as panama styled hats from the 20's... I especially like the idea that instead of having a party, we have a ball. I view it as safer and much more elegant and entertaining... However I am not very sure if that counts as old-fashioned things no one likes anymore or if it's just personal preference...