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  1. My Burlesque Names

    Here are my burlesque stage names Desdemona Blades/Dessie Blades/Mona Blades/Desdemona Glock/Dessie Glock/Mona Glock/Desdemona Pistols/Dessie Pistols/Mona Pistols/Desdemona Bazooka/Dessie Bazooka/Mona Bazooka/Desdemona Nectarine/Dessie Nectarine/Mona Nectarine/Desdemona Posion/Dessie Posion/Mona Posion/Desdemona Nautical/Dessie Nautical/Mona Nautical/Desdemona Chalice/Dessie Chalice/Mona Chalice/Desdemona Oceanic/Dessie Oceanic/Mona Oceanic.
  2. My Burlesque Names

    Let me know what you think of them or create your own.
  3. What's your werewolf name?

    Spirit Coco The Wolf Witch.
  4. What STYLE OF GOTH are you

    I'am a slutty country goth down home girl burlesque shaker.
  5. Are you a villain or a Hero?

    I'am an anti hero a combination of both hero and villian catch me on a good day and I will help you out.
  6. What Are You Thinking?

    I have be thinking about moving to Austin Texas to persue Burlesque and dance training at Austin's school of burlesque. My stage name is Desdemona Blades among others I will post them in a another post wish me some luck guys I hope everybody is okay and gets better from their winter illnesses.
  7. Comfort food? What't yours?

    Cheese/Chocolate/Hot Cheetos/Spicey Chicken/Ice Cream/Pizza/Korn Dogs/Hot Dogs/Chinese Food.
  8. Erratic sleep is always an issue

    Same here since I moved to Texas from Oregon my sleep has been very erratic I may only sleep for three hours a day and I still have to go to work and take care of sick my dad.
  9. My dad got diagnosed with Parkinson's over a year ago and me and his helper don't get along and I have to take care of him while working at burger king and I have being getting very depressed again and I have be so anxious too sometimes I feel like I may crawl right out of my skin.
  10. What to do with our dark thoughts.

    Too broke for meds so I just write depressing poems and short stories.
  11. How Are You Feeling?

    I'am glad that you are feeling a bit better get well too.
  12. How Are You Feeling?

    Thanks TronRP.
  13. Mine are all of the crow movies/The Craft/Tamara/The Well Girl/All The Silent Hill movies/Chronicle/Siren remake I think I forgot some.
  14. So what are your Fav Bands???

    My favorite bands are A Perfect Circle/Cheville/Demon Hunter/Volbeat/Five Finger Death Punch/Skillet/Rob Zombie/Type O Negative/She Wants Revenge/Egypt Central/Placebo/In This Moment/Starset/MachineHead/ RadioHead/Insucubus/Korn/ Marylin Manson/Bring Me The Horizon/Evesance/Gemini Syndrome/The Kills/Hollywood Undead/Slipknot/Depache Mode/Nirvana/Of Monsters And Of Men/Highly Suspect/The Blacks/The National/Cage The Elephant/The Silver Sun Pickups/Panic At The Disco/Breaking Bejamine/Ghost. I think forgot some will post more.
  15. How Are You Feeling?

    I'am also feeling very down and in the dumps.
  16. How Are You Feeling?

    I just got my lower leg burned about almost 5 days ago with hot water while I was cooking and now I have cramps I was so foolish to sit down next to a hot camping stove.
  17. Lipstick: Your Thoughts

    Hi there everybody I hope you all have a good day.
  18. Lipstick: Your Thoughts

    I had a brownish taupe colored and sented lip balm that smelled like watermelon and oatmeal I wish I could find some I would buy atleast 6 because the color really fits me.
  19. Things you like that are no longer popular

    Mine are jaw breakers/bangles/hair spray product/blue eyeshadow with red lipstick/nice silk scarves/bobbin pins/video game arcades/perfume/vintage dresses/dance balls/old pinup magizine companies.
  20. Lipstick: Your Thoughts

    Berry Wine By La.colors because it is cheap but it works very well and it is red.
  21. Nail colours

    Nice but I prefer blue nailpolish it reminds of the color of the sky and water and purple is such a royal and elegant color plus they both last for a really long time.
  22. What fragrance(s) do you generally wear?

    I don't have a brand of perfume but I will use any perfumes with the following scents bubble gum cotton /candy/coconut/apple/peach/ lavender/peppermint.