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  1. Join us in our Valentine's day event featuring the Gothsicles and Champions of Breakfast with top local and nearby states DJs playing nothing but the best goth industrial mixes.
  2. Jay and Charles English welcomes Dj Graphite of Defiled for their Friday night at City Club. The next day Detroit Industrial led by local legend M.Church will be spinning Saturday night.
  3. Tonight's guest dj from Cincinnati Ohio, Stephen 29.
  4. In case you guys are looking into the goth night/ Witchhouse (and those whom wanted to check out the Defiled night yesterday night) City Club is closed due to freezing pipes. Michigan being Michigan." The events has been rescheduled for next Friday and Saturday. Rest assure, we will make up for the inconvenience with great tunes, heat and great times.
  5. This Friday I'm co-hosting Defiled with my crew. Originated from our past attempt of a Goth industrial weekly in Ypsilanti, we have now brought it to City Club. Remnant of Factory Monday Necto is doing the visuals and I'm djing along side (and debuting as a new dj member) Dj Wraith. We focus on mostly new music in the goth scene along with club classics that we all love. Come out and have a great time. And the day after is the official 1st Goth Night of the year with Resident djs Jay and Charles English welcoming Textbreak of Cleveland for an epic Witch house set and I Nation's own resident, AudioFlesh.
  6. It’s the last Goth Night of 2017 this Saturday 12/30/17 !At Leland City Club, Detroit’s oldest goth haunt !With Resident DJs Charles English , Jay Misanthropia.With guest DJ Graphite 10pm-4am$5 21+. $10 18-20 Btw, there's legit heat. This is NOT an NYE event. There's a separate thing for that.
  7. Goth weekend with Scary guy and Grahamzig Friday. And Goth night with Charles English, Biohazard40, Jay Misanthropioa and Graphite Saturday.
  8. I'm djing alongside City Club/ Smalls Alumni, Void 6. Last Monday of the year.
  9. Still haven't been in awhile? Witchhouse night. Great djs, banging sound system and....*drum roll* There's heat.
  10. New music

    Anyone excited about Clan of Xymox coming to the US next year?
  11. This Saturday, we have residents Jay Misanthropia and local legend Charles English whom are joined by Ination's resident, Havok and the D:Konstruct's lead singer djing under the name is Dynysys.
  12. lol thanks? Current location? Ypsilanti Where from? DetroitGender? MaleWork? Electronic Tech,School? No school (for now), Kids? no kids,Married?not marriedSingle? singleHobbies?Djing/ comic art/ paintingHow Did You Find / hear about DGN? I found out about this place a long time ago from a former friend. (10 years ago) I left the goth scene for awhile. Decided to get back into it late last year. Now since I DJ City Club once/twice a month (it has heat and a bumping sound system now) and monthly guest set at Necto. I'm just trying to get crowd back. Thus far, we're averaging 100+ people every "Goth Night" and it's growing. All the old staff are gone and it's only good vibes and great music.How did you pick your DGN name? I go by Dj Graphite...So...Graphite it is.Other Stuff?
  13. Nothing really goth related tonight except City Club. We're having Goth Night O:R:I:G:I:N/ Defiled edition. Scary Guy up front playing goth/ industrial club classics. On the main floor, we have the Defiled crew, Necto's visual artist Remnant and Dj Graphite playing newer based goth/dark electro/ ebm material in Detroit's best underground industrial complex!