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  1. The Gathering 51

    I will be there and am requesting a card
  2. Relationships

    If you think of love as a theory you will never know it,love is something that is there or it isnt,caring about someone or something is as close as some will get,those that care about nothing or anyone will say what they need to to feel good about themselves,and won't care who they hurt or destroy to get what they want.
  3. Relationships

    Love,love is irrelevant,passion,willingness to make each other's needs important to one another,that is how a relationship can be built. When all you seek is quick thrills,expect things to be overnight,it will never happen for you.
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  5. Why do things get complicated,a relationship is give and take,why is it that it usually ends up onesided. You do what you are able to do,it never seems good enough. Even if you go out of your zone for someone it is unappreciated,i just don't get it.
  6. The Gathering 48 - Help Invite

    I will be there and am requesting a card
  7. The Gathering 47

    I will be there and am requesting a card
  8. The Gathering 46

    I will be there may I have a card
  9. Are you a villain or a Hero?

    I got antihero
  10. What's your werewolf name?

    Rogue omega,semi fitting
  11. Harley Quinn

    Harley is one of my favorite dc characters
  12. The Gathering 45

    Moe,Katie and I will be there,i am requesting a card please.
  13. Moe,Katie and I saw this movie,it may not have been "Harry Potter",however the effects and story were astounding. I believe it to be the best movie from Rowling books yet.
  14. I am not sure how I feel on this subject,society dictates one view from the "normal"standpoint,but normality itself in argueable subject. I myself have had acceptabity issues in the past,still dealing with the years of oppressing views from peers,family,and religious practices. I recently was enlightened to the fact that my son has a relationship with a man,he thought I would disown him. I do not understand the attraction,but who am I to say it is wrong. As far as the restroom thing is concerned,a toilet is a toilet.