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  1. What are you about to go do?

  2. The Gathering 76

    Falcon tribe will be there as long as the Apple accepts my credit card. And may I please have a card
  3. Tron knows more, but The Falcons sign papers on their new lair Monday at 2pm. We owe her our lives.
  4. Any little bits you need to do need done. Per Jessica too.. sorry.
  5. What Are You Thinking?

    House papeework being done by realtor, new carpet in, 500 deposit waiting. Now we wait.
  6. What are you about to go do?

    see you soon.. I'm not even dressed.. heh..
  7. what are you doing right now?

    Having cereal for dinner to clear stuff out of our house.. soon to be ex-house. Woot!
  8. What are you about to go do?

    Going to look at more houses today. Then go to a meetup with Stu. Semi-busy, but it's all good.
  9. What Are You Thinking?

    You did what we could not. I am forever grateful.
  10. What Are You Thinking?

    That's the least we can do.
  11. What Are You Thinking?

    Those appliances are yours. email to jessica sent.
  12. What Are You Thinking?

    Yes it was to you. This is where we were stuck waiting for a parked train. Call me when you're ready or I'll call you when Jessica calls me. orr whatever..
  13. What Are You Thinking?

    I apologize. The train at hilton was parked on the track. Srsly! We have an appt tues at 1pm to see more houses. We'll be out of your hair shortly. Cash might fall on you again soon.
  14. The Gathering 75 - Jennifer's Birthday

    Falcon tribe will attend. can i have a card please?
  15. How Are You Feeling?

    I'm glad all is well. I dont get why this is so hard..
  16. I wish I didn't always look like I'm about to kill people.. Stress is awesome. :(
  17. What Are You Thinking?

    Yes that would be so sweet. I have nothing from my mother.
  18. What Are You Thinking?

  19. How Are You Feeling?

    Just woke up.
  20. What Are You Thinking?

    I imploded on my realtor.. *feeling you* I will never understand why no one in the entire family can do any-**^&@#-thing except me. I want to drink a LOT and sleep forever. Jarek informed me he hates me, I told him good, Move out.
  21. what are you doing right now?

    Drinking and eating munchies to kill omg stress..
  22. I suddenly have an appointment at 2pm Monday 8/7 to look at houses?! Eek! I have no clue how this will work out. I'll message you my cell which will be on me constantly and accepts Texts.