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  1. I'll be there, one way or another.. I'll trade you a wee box for a card, Troy? Deal?
  2. That sounds extremely relatable.. I wish I could have followed my inclinations..there'd be two less people on the planet, for one...
  3. very pretty, people I don't know!
  4. I tried in 2016 to 'get healthy'.. I lost 50+ pounds.. met who I mistook for 'The Love of my Life'.. Gained 15lbs back, Presented and was diagnosed with MS.. So 2017.. I've decided to go back to the one person who has seen me through it all.. The one I forgot about and ignored for so many 'suitors'.. 2017, is declared the year of 'ME'. I'm no longer going to bow to let someone else shine. I'm no longer going to give love to the unworthy. So far, I'm all the better for this decision. I do what I want, now. Keep up or don't slow me down. Amazing how much a cripple can accomplish by her dam* self without useless, weak trolls to hold her down ain't it?!
  5. Excited! I am talking with a realtor and my too small shack will be up for sale soon. We're looking at Roseville hard. I have my pre-approval letter. It's go time..
  6. Lest you run out? you?
  7. In any case... I will be at the Red Apple at the usual time and celebrating my son's 10th birthday. Hope you will come and have some cake with him. He loves the Goth Fam. and if cards happen, I'd like one.
  8. I gave one to Troy.. maybe he doesn't like it?
  9. My son was singing it..
  10. I'm hoping to attend, who knows if the whole tribe will.. please save me a card.
  11. Satisfied. Life accomplished. Frustrated that people can only hear me when I lose my mind and scream myself hoarse. Nevertheless.. House got started, everyone is walking softly around "Crazy mom". Getting too old/sick for this crap.
  12. We're gonna try again now that physicians have had their way with the tribe. All sorts of prescriptions and antiseptics spraying this way and that. Mom had to console herself by buying way too much from many online merchants. phew! Please save me as card!
  13. I know.. I usually -am- the 'not right' thing.. Sick brats ruin everything. So we missed. <sigh> I am uniquely distressed about missing you guys.
  14. sorry fam, boy needed chest xrays this morning. and I thought to spare you. I'll try to get to you when I can.