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  1. Chicken Pad Thai
  2. Waiting for an insurance company to call me back to explain A) why "direct deposits" have become "checks" and last month's is missing altogether. That is over a thousand dollars and does justify an attorney. No, the old man cannot fight them. However, he happens to have the sauciest Irish wench this side of the Atlantic who happens to have two little minions looking for their summer vacation. They will learn..
  3. I'm planning on this and would like a card, please.
  4. Maybe barf?..
  5. I started feeling really ill on the way to #55. I even made the car pull over so I could dry heave. Thought maybe food would help.. I was wrong.
  6. hi!
  7. I am way in the opposite direction 8 mile and Woodward. :(
  8. Big sister, you sound -exactly- like me! *hugs*
  9. The tribe will be there, love the cards!
  10. nothing..
  11. The boy has lost his mind.. He apologizes one minute then informs Dad that he "has to" go get ice cream because there is nothing in the house for his dessert. It seems to me that his brain is broke. He's sitting in his room trying to figure out a way out of the corner he's painted himself into.
  12. Disgusted at my son. UPDATE: I got a surprise present! OMG Trene!!! You fixed my whole day! Tron, do let her know if she's still under the weather, Send her huge thank you hugs!
  13. My kids have embarrassed me too often... I gave up after awhile..