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  1. Nothing will get in the way this time! Moe will be there and may I please have a card?
  2. How Are You Feeling?

    It might be too cold for me. Kids schools called off due to extreme weather just now. Girl spawn reports "it's 5!"
  3. The Gathering 94

    I'm planning on being there and likely with the crew with me. See you soon and yes, please save me. A card.
  4. Transforming Veritech

    Moe played Robotech too..💀
  5. The Gathering 93

    See you all there, fam! 🖤
  6. The Gathering 92

    Missed you my Gothy brother, happy xmas or winter thing! 😊< hugs>
  7. The Gathering 92

    Stu and I are coming. I would 🖤a card.
  8. What Are You Thinking?

    Curious. Are we gathering tonight? If not, I'm not even getting dressed. Can somebody hit me back? ♥️ 😁
  9. What Are You Thinking?

    I wish I knew who just rang my doorbell...
  10. what are you doing right now?

    Just donated to the DNC in their efforts against Trump. I put my money where my heart is and have been known to protest. #sorrynotsorry
  11. The Gathering 90

    Will try to get there and I'm addicted to the cards. ☺
  12. what are you doing right now?

    Just got back from iep