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  1. Awww.. my baby boy is growing up to be a confident, strong, 'Take no $hi." little man..
  2. My baby boy (9) just made dinner and none perished.. Makes it -real- hard to be impressed when a growed up does it.. I taught that baby to use a spoon..
  3. I slept all day so evidently I needed that. Beyond that, care free..
  4. I've simmed since the 1st game! Adored 2, 3 grew on me.. hate 4.
  5. When Moe cannot go to the mountain, the mountain comes to Moe. Scary is visiting tomorrow. My ..hip.. is bleeding under the skin.I am in possession of many painkillers and aspirin to prevent blood clots. Never trust an amateur with a complex, my love. I will get back asap.
  6. Very pretty!
  7. I was gifted a membership to the Detroit Science Center, my minions had fun.
  8. Starting: "Mongrels" by Stephen Graham Jones. I won it from Dirge {}. and am a longtime Patron.
  9. At our Gatherings we are accepting of everyone. Of course this is perfect and as it should be. I'm not an elitist, and I do feel that the subculture has expanded beyond the club and the music we claim. I tend to fit the common aesthetic and am no stranger to hoping beyond hope that the damn dye comes out of the Tub,Sink,Washer,Etc. We know..what is "Ours".We know what is Not. It came up casually.. on the phone but it was first suggested on a little book called "The Autumn Cemetery Texts". I delighted in this little tome so thoroughly my 1st husband was rabidly jealous! Of a book! I will say my opinions match the author's. In it he says, regarding Our Scene.. "Goth also faces self destruction in the form of popularization; various other musical communities gamble for our clothing while we're vanishing on the cross, becoming all ghost, unseen but for what we're called by faceless monsters that think they're Ours but aren't." In any case, I had said something wasn't "Ours" and he agreed. I doubt many have ever read that bitty master work, but clearly we all have that 'knowing'. It's described at length in the book. We know.. all of us. In the immortal words of a baby step-cousin Brian.. "Burn it out before it grows". What does everyone think of that concept? Do you think there is a specific attribute or attributes that makes "Us"? Beyond pretty Lolitas and their tea parties, beyond the gears of Our Steampunks.. How do we recognize us? As our wonderful leader has suggested, and he is correct, they tend to weed themselves out. I will return, have no doubt. The Gothys are -My- tribe. Nothing so small and ridiculous would ever tear me away. Not _ever_. My heart hurts for missing you alone. I will never again bring un-vetted, no matter how desperate. You are too important.
  10. ROFL!! gods I needed that! Of course, you are correct, I will see you tomorrow. *hugs*
  11. Moe is not. Ride was offered but I am in to much pain. Physically. I have no heart, big Sister. Much love. miss you more.
  12. update: I am thoroughly opposed to that which passes for 'human'. I can no longer "Love" since 2 relationships ago.. I just have no 'Feelings' like that anymore, so there is nothing but if you want a quicky, bring something bigger than my pinky, and we can chat?
  13. I just wish I quit loaning them money! I'm always broke after. You are right 'Mike' that's why I stopped caring about men in 2012.
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