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  1. I know.. I usually -am- the 'not right' thing.. Sick brats ruin everything. So we missed. <sigh> I am uniquely distressed about missing you guys.
  2. sorry fam, boy needed chest xrays this morning. and I thought to spare you. I'll try to get to you when I can.
  3. will try, and Please feed my card addiction.
  4. I won't miss again! I'll drag the tribe and would love a card. please
  5. looks good and please save a card for me
  6. I bring the minions only when It is a "take them or you're grounded." thing. Everyone knows my motto. "I do what I want." If a 4 foot nothing parasite dictates my life, I have failed. As I don't fail, there is a work around. There is no 4 letter word they haven't heard and I am straight with them. Little man mused aloud today on a film sequence of childbirth.. "I get how they come out.. I get that babies start as question is, how do they get in there?" His autistic older sister rolled her eyes. "duh?! When a girl gets old enough, she can grow the baby." Still confused, her brother asked if grown ups had to "swallow them or something?!" Boy is he in for a shock when he gets that mindblowing 'health class'. He gets and agrees that people love who they do. I feel sorry for the teacher who has to address the concept of LGBTQ relations. My boy will demand answers.
  7. I went and spent $150 at Maggiano's to feast with my Italian minis and their dad. I'm really liking this "having money" thing.. I'm thinking I have no emotional 'space' for a deadbeat man anymore. When my tax return comes in, all my home improvement debt is gone and my credit cards too. I have been supporting men my whole life. No more. And you thought I was a B* before... *cackles*
  8. Trene. *hugs:* I don't "look sick" either, big sister, I understand.
  9. I had a friend back in the day named Jermaine. It wouldn't shock me a bit to find he is or was a member here. He'd put his hair up in pigtails and hair texture/length gave his shadow the impression of Mickey Mouse. He could dance his butt off, not like that was work for his thin self. Haven't seen him since the early 90's.
  10. exhausted running the same lap for 20+ years. The more things change the more they stay the same.
  11. If I can make it, I will and of course I'd like a card please.