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  1. Hi I need some music recommendations for songs that have sadistic, bitchy lyrics by female artists. It would be good if its has moaning and erotic, raspy voice. It would be good if there are clean vocals only and no growling or screaming e.g. Genitortureres - Asphyxiate Genitortureres - confessions of a blackheart Otep - Apex predator [the almost perfect example of what I need, just don't like the screaming portion here] Tori Amos - Cruel Evanescence - Weight of the world Otep - Kisses and kerosene [ nice voice but unfortunately it doesn't have any music, just a message] Jill Tracy - Evil night together Tori Amos - IEEE [ The kind of music] Melissa Ferrick - Drive I found a track by Lita Ford - Wicked wonderland Sweat drips off your bodies Breathing hard insanity Tie you to the crucifix Perverted blasphemy Whips 'n' chains will please you I will have my way I feel the need, I need the feel You're my slave today, hey! Welcome to my Wicked Wonderland Use you in my Wicked Wonderland On your knees, submit to me mmmmmmm, do it I feel the need to conquer you Body, soul and brain No limits, nothing's sacred You'll find pleasure in your pain Sac religious give you more Razor, blade, delight Your screams will go unanswered Your ass is mine tonight, hey! So this is kind of stuff that I'm looking for. Dominatrix, sadistic vocals and music.
  2. Wow!! Loved the drum rolls ..bang! hehe!! Well here I am. I'm not a goth really. I'm more of a person inclined towards exploring architecture, landscape architecture and music.. (I'm like... reading a lot on both stuff, surfing the Web to know more and satisfy my greed, to... Knowing ways to design our built environment in a more sustainable and gorgeous way). I dress up casually in shirt, t-shirts and jeans. I listen to tons of music, varying from Pink Floyd, The Doors, U2 to Green Day, Foo Fighters, Hans Zimmer to Evanescence, 3 Doors down, Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz, ... A music junkie. So.. pretty diverse taste in music. .. And yeah a totally different set for my dark passion. I'm completely in a different state of mind during the night while listening to these female fronted darkwave bands/artists. They kinda turn me on. Emilie Autumn, Jill Tracy, Athamay, Android lust, Poe, Diva destruction, Genitorturers (just love their song Asphyxiate and Confessions of a black heart ) , Halestorm, Tori Amos. I like plain dark music when it comes to them. Clean vocals, moaning, raspy voice. .. And yeah...I'm fond of gothic women in black Leather gloves overcoats and trenchcoats, boots.