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  1. The Gathering 67! I will try to take more next Gathering.
  2. Kick time invaders out of Springfield.
  3. I'm Me!
  4. Hopefully I will be there! Cross my heart and hope to fly! Also, I am requesting a card please, thank you.
  5. WOOHOO!!!! No more noisy teenagers walking down the street screaming for no reason.
  6. Getting water.
  7. They began in 1984 with 73 people... look where a dream can take you!
  8. Life never slows down.
  9. Tanked Marathon
  10. Taking more meds to control additional pain from going downstairs.
  11. I wish I could be there. I miss you all. If it is okay with you, I would like to have a card, if possible, please.
  12. I grew up watching him too. I was shocked to hear he was gone. I wanted to post something yesterday but couldn't deal right then. Our mother introduced us to Batman. We watched the shows together. So many fun and happy memories. My most favorite episode is the one with the bomb, the boat, and the nuns. Although, the Joker surfing is a close second. I loved Eartha Kitt as Catwoman. The Commissioner always looked so serious when he called Batman. So many memories. Rest well, Adam West. We love you.
  13. Eating.