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  1. I want to come. I am requesting a card please, thank you.
  2. I was forced awake by the strangest dream in a way I never want to experience again. I and my sister were driving down the road and we saw two black cats lying down in the street. We pulled over and tried to chase the cats out of the street. The cats would jump up and run to another spot and lay down. Each time, a car would drive over them, the drivers never seeing them. I cringed each time. The cats were still alive. I ran over to them trying to catch them. The cats still avoided us. One of the cats finally ran away out of the street, disappearing. The other cat stubbornly remained. Three more times we chased the cat. Three more times a car drove over it. Suddenly, a car stopped and a woman with brownish red hair in a long pageboy, wearing a dark green button sweater shouted, "stop chasing that cat, you'll get it killed!" She drove away. I had no control over myself. I could not stop. We went back to trying to rescue the cat. The cat began lying down in muddier, grassy dirt road areas. Now the cars were actually hitting the cat. Yet, it still ran when we tried to catch it. After three more tries, the cat laid down on the other side of the crest of a large hill. A car driving too fast bounced up and dropped down on the cat and it screeched. We screamed and ran over to it. My sister picked up the cat, cradling it in her arms. It wasn't damaged. It tried to get look over to where it wanted to go. I touched it and it felt like something jumped in me. That jerked me awake and it was still there. I called Jesus and the thing went away. I never want to experience that again. Whenever I am in a dream where I have no control over my actions, it isn't really me. I am actually looking through someone else's eyes. It seems that a person is chasing someone who really doesn't want help but the person is determined to force them to get help but their pursuit is causing that one to seek even more dangerous situations to get in trying to escape. Stop chasing. Let them go. Now.
  3. Going back to sleep.
  4. I will be there. I am requesting a card for week 52 (1 year, WOOHOO!) and week 53, please. Thank you.
  5. I saw the Big Dipper for the first time in my life last night. It shocked the daylights out of me. Opening the back door and seeing this gigantic constellation in the backyard. I have never had glasses strong enough to let me see that constellation before. A few years ago I finally saw a meteor shower and now the Big Dipper. Technology really does change things... sometimes for the better.
  6. The BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Hopeful that the power will be back on soon.
  8. I got a peaceful, easy feeling... The Eagles. I honestly couldn't remember who made this song.
  9. Peaceful
  10. After the series of fires we've experienced, our friend's house down the street, the burning car in the alley almost in my backyard, and the burning car in my mother's front yard two feet from my sister's front porch, I had been concerned the next fire would be inside. Tuesday night I had terrible dreams about a fire in the house. When I woke up, I kept telling myself that GOD wouldn't allow it to do any damage. HE's protected us this far. After a while I forgot about it. Wednesday afternoon I was cooking and having a great time laughing with Brian. I accidentally splashed meat fat onto the corner of the stove which ignited. The flames were a beautiful gold and orange. I didn't panic, I just felt this sense of everything is fine and continued cooking. The fire burned itself out. (Brian's expression was priceless when the flames wooshed into existence.) It wasn't until this morning, Thursday, that I realized I set the stove on fire. A fire inside the house. A grease fire at that, but GOD kept me calm and the flames didn't spread, despite burning up the side of the pot and me wearing long sleeves. I, a person who has feared fire since burning my forehead as a small child on a candle, did not panic? I had to chuckle at that. "...neither shall the flame kindle upon thee." Isaiah 43:2
  11. I will try to be there. I am asking for a card please. Thank you.
  12. Drinking a cup of milk and eating the last slice of cherry cake while my legs throb from kicking the side door shut.
  13. If there's another squirrel in this house I'm going home! There's not much difference between the two places now anyway.