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    My hobbies are various, as is my personality. Just gotta talk to me if you really wanna get me.

    I'm an avid! Feel free to add me on there and check out what I'm listening to.
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  1. I'm gonna take it upon myself to provide yall with events of interest to me in the upcoming months... and maybe of interest to you, as well Share any others or let us know if you wanna go to any of these! Personally.... I'm mainly into the rock and the metvlz and providing this for those that are interested in these things as well. Alice in Chains- 8/20 @ 8pm Soaring Eagle Casino Mt Pleasant, MI Clutch- 9/13 @ 7pm The Orbit Room Grand Rapids, MI Itzhak Perlman- 9/14 @ 7pm Hill Auditorium Grand Rapids, MI Rob Zombie- 9/27 @ 8pm First Merit Saginaw, MI Jim Breuer- 10/4 @ 8pm Royal Oak Music Theatre Royal Oak, MI Robin Trower- 10/16 @ 7pm Royal Oak Music Theatre Royal Oak, MI Eluveitie- 10/16 @ 7pm Saint Andrews Hall Detroit, MI Judas Priest- 10/19 @ 7pm Fox Theater Detroit, MI Steven Wright- 10/25 @ 8pm Royal Oak Music Theatre Royal Oak, MI Amon Amarth- 10/31 @ 7pm Royal Oak Music Theatre Royal Oak, MI Primus- 11/3 @ 7pm The Fillmore Detroit, MI ManOWar- 11/16 @ 7pm Royal Oak Music Theatre Royal Oak, MI
  2. Now Listening To ...

    This chick is just such a badass, sweet vid too. If you dig biker vibe tunes and guitar crunchathons (stoner rock/metal for those familiar), take a listen.
  3. I'm quite happily taken. but meeting people aside from that awesome dude I love and the three or four friends I really connect with would be sweet.
  4. You're welcome, dude! I'm a total noob though and not all that helpful. Just hopin to find some new concert buddies more than anything, and maybe some other chicks who can appreciate a nice sense of fashion I just gotta say that I realize more and more how hard it is to find new friends. I moved a lot growing up, 3 different elementary schools and 4 different high schools, so what little good friends I have are within the past few years. Even they don't have all that much in common with me. And now at age 24 I feel like a total creeper asking for girls' numbers. Why is it so weird if I think someone's cool and wanna hang out some time? Some things my boyfriend just can't be talked with about. I just want a same sex pal who knows when I make a gothy literature/movie/music reference. Anyways, hoping I haven't scared people away. You all seem pretty tight, as people and with eachother. /rant
  5. What hair band are you in?

    Man can't write lyrics for shit!
  6. what are you doing right now?

    Got my lastfm chart working in my sig Because I have no qualms about admitting I'm the kind of asshole who wants everyone to know what I'm listening to haha.
  7. What Are You Thinking?

    I'm thinking what a disappointment Judas Priest's new album was :( And that my ass should be in bed for my first of many 12 hour work days tomorrow morn...
  8. Now Listening To ...

    Cowboy Rockabilly? Imagine if The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly had a slight campy horror soundtrack. Excellent!
  9. What STYLE OF GOTH are you

    Awww man, I thought this was a quiz :( I'm a dark denim wearing 70's goth who listens to a lot of psychadelic stuff and reads too much murder porn. When I dress up.... it's all bout them big black flat boots and corsets with tight jeans. Biker goth, maybe, sans the bike.
  10. What hair band are you in?

    I got Ozzy too, which I am happy with. But, and not to get too deep here... I vastly prefer Black Sabbath to his solo stuff and am kinda surprised they went with that.
  11. Relevent... Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Cthlulu Cultists for JC Penny
  12. what are you doing right now?

    Applying for every office job I'm possibly qualified for. I work part time as a janitor and full time packaging foam right now, and while it's cool I can keep my hair whatever color I want and leave the piercings in, I'd rather be doing something more... 'fancy'. I'd take just about any office job paying at least 10 an hour, but honestly I miss working in a call center. I miss looking nice every day, and I'm actually really awesome at calming down pissed off people. It always really annoyed me when coworkers would get intimidated by angry callers and promise them things that were never gonna happen just to get them off the phone. It was downright shitty, because it exacerbated the caller's problems, which sucks, and made them call again later even angrier, which really sucks for everyone.
  13. Diabolically scientific! Morgan Freeman and metal Satanist King Diamond.