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  1. So if you had the opportunity to start your own cult with no restrictions and you as the leader.... what would it be like, what odd things would be in it, how would it be described, what king of strange things would have?
  2. 13 Word Novels

    Got the idea from a radio show I heard this morning, basically post a novel in this thread that is exactly 13 words long... (Kinda like a Hiaku except a "Novel") Who know's if we get enough of these we can release a DGN 13 word novel comp for goths with A.D.D. I will start: He awoke in the pit. He remembered nothing of her, only her hand. - End -
  3. DGN Coffee house...

    Shall we? What can we get for you?
  4. DGN Coffee house...

    Is it possible to be so depressed that you can't even kill yourself?
  5. DGN Coffee house...

    I like turtles
  6. Oh yes.... very underrated film... Not exactly horror but close. Most of the scariest movies are non horror movies with horrifying elements I find (for example Lost Highway or Primer)
  7. I have done this sort of thread before.... It is time once again.... All of us have terrible gothic poetry within us... we need to get it out of our systems to become healthy, and not ruin good art with bad gothic tendancies... I will start... Love dies in the moonlight Your lips that once kissed my lips Pale face in the night You had all the beauty of rain Now I cry alone in the dark Over black and white images of you The heat of your body so stark I miss you in my dreams A rose falls into my hands Our passion denys the tide of time between the glass flows sands A shadow of what we had.... Thankyou thankyou Next please
  8. How Are You Feeling?

    I feel that it is time for some good news in my life.... I have had too much bad.
  9. What Are You Thinking?

    You ever look at someone and you can tell that they are a victim of abuse.... and then your realize that the reason you know that, is because you beat them with a badminton racket earlier that day?
  10. What do you miss?

    The feeling of being _______________ by _________________
  11. Pictures of You

    My daughter made this one of me.