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  2. Oh and one other thing.... people are allowed to vent without interruption from people trying to make it a competition. So none of this... "Oh you didn't get enough for lunch??? I didn't even get a chance to eat!!!" that kind of thing.... you will be hit in the face with a claw hammer and then exiled if you do this.
  3. Okay here are some "rules" for the cult... keep in mind this is NOT how I would run anything in reality... because I am NOT a FASCIST icky religious bastard... but this is fictional. 1.) Pet's are to be treated as a minimum as equals if not superior to humans. They deserve to be exalted for not being people. 2.) Musical appreciation will strictly enforced. To be clear, I really don't care what music you like or dislike, but you must show your passion for it regardless in very obvious and unsubtle ways. 3.) Stargazing is sacred, therefore our commune is located in the desert away from light pollution. 4.) Daily orgies and last minute ones will be commonplace. You don't have to participate, but don't be all judgy. 5.) Death sentences for talking incessantly during movies, interruption of reading, interrupting gaming without it being a life and death circumstance. 6.) Do your damn chores you slackers. 7.) Any discrimination based on race, sex, or sexual orientation is considered a death sentence. 8.) Anyone hurting children or animals unnecessarily (for example self defense or medical reasons) will be tortured then put to death. 9.) We all live in a big ass castle. 10.) The library, art/recording studio, and screening room are considered places of worship. 11.) In addition to chores, everyone must create something every day, be it art, music, cooking, invention or even journaling. One is required to add to the beauty of our society and the world. 12.) If you don't like horror movies at least a little, you will be exiled.
  4. Original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Suspiria Deep Red The Changeling
  5. So if you had the opportunity to start your own cult with no restrictions and you as the leader.... what would it be like, what odd things would be in it, how would it be described, what king of strange things would have?