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  1. Very nice.
  2. Good job.
  3. The werewolf and archer are my favorites here.
  4. Those are all great. You are very talented.
  5. You already know I like them. You're very talented.
  6. Beautiful work.
  7. Great job. Looks good.
  8. Legion, the TV series.
  9. Having a text conversation with Troy. At least he's well enough to do that at times while he's so sick.
  10. I'm glad it went well. I really was surprised at this. I didn't realize there were so many deaths there. Wow.
  11. I'm glad that you're working so hard to bring the community back together. I once went to CC in the old days with a black friend of mine. He looked around and there was only one other black person. He freaked out and I told him that nobody cares what or who you are here. We're all just people who like the same club and music. It made him feel much better. He was ready to go again with me after that. So, I totally get what you're saying. More people of any color would be a great addition to the scene.
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