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  1. The theme music to Clash Royale
  2. 9:48 pm - Who's Online 2 Members, 0 Anonymous, 7 Guests (See full list) sekhmet2002 TronRP
  3. I hope it gets better for you. *hugs*
  4. I'm glad it's dead. At least for now I can sleep a little easier. Until the next attempt at least.
  5. Chester Bennington, dead at 41 in LA. Lead singer for Linkin Park was found dead at a home in Los Angeles this morning. The LA Coroner is investigating the death as a potential suicide. This made me very sad. I was really just becoming a big fan of Linkin Park.
  6. 3:30 am - Who's Online 1 Member, 0 Anonymous, 3 Guests (See full list) sekhmet2002
  7. I'm so glad I'm done driving for Uber tonight.
  8. I will be there and am requesting a card, please.
  9. Looks really good.
  10. Happy belated birthday. Sorry I'm so late. It sounds like you had a good day.
  11. I will be there and am requesting a card, please.