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    Interests? To me that is a strange word... I'm interested in everything in a sense because I am curious. Curious is a better word for it! In which case the answer is pretty much everything...

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  1. Sending Birthday Wishes :)

  2. Happy Birthday.. a year later. =P

  3. Happy Birthday!!!

  4. How Are You Feeling?

    I is off tomorrow.... We should hang!
  5. What Are You Thinking?

    They aren't picking on me. But, the negative vibes are not my thing. I like to sever people like that out of my life. I walk a fine line of neutral. It's a happy place.
  6. I was wandering around nakie on Tuesday 'cause Val went to TN. Why do you always hide in my bushes while I'm at work? It freaks the parrots out!

  7. Stalk Stalk.... *peeks in windows* Damn no boobs again *cries*

  8. What Are You Thinking?

    I'm really getting tired of people picking on others. There is no good reason not to try to be a good, kind person. It actually trickles into my life and makes my situation unpleasant because other people are upset about being picked on. I go out of my way to say hi and be nice to everyone, but it's those gripers and mean folk that cause me to end up having to listen to folks who just want to have a nice simple day. Why pick on someone? It's a domino effect of hurt.
  9. What Are You Thinking?

    We ski at Mt. Holly... but if you're still in the Ann Arbor area... Mt. Brighton is closer to you.
  10. What Are You Thinking?

    Go skiing with me and Val on Tuesday! It's adrenaline packed fun!
  11. Who's Your Favorite Dead Person?

    The psych ward wasn't as bad as being at home. (at the time, since now I live family free) It was kinda fun. But, I'm a people watcher, so I find people amusing in general. I found it supremely ironic that one person's idea of sane for me was completely different from another's and I'm not talking about the patients. I just don't like the bills. I really had considered doing something to get myself locked up in a high security prison in my youth. I debated whether or not it would be better to be completely isolated versus being around family. I just ended up disowning most of them, it was easier.
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  13. Who's Your Favorite Dead Person?

    When you think of all the medical bills and issues you have to deal with afterwards if you fail... It makes suicide much more challenging. Though the concept of reincarnation scares me more than hell. Isn't that strange?
  14. How Are You Feeling?

    I'm feeling good... Life is streaming along on a good flow, and I'm not rocking any boats.